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‘You’re a Million Miles Away’: a Poem by India Dillon

India Dillon is a poet, writer, theatre-maker and second year Drama student at the University of Exeter. You can find more of her work on her Instagram: @poemsbyindia ID: This piece I wrote during the first month of lockdown. I was thinking about how much I missed certain people in my life and then thought of how much those people must be missing people too. It was a strange time but I tried to make some art from it. 

‘You’re a Million Miles Away’

When I sleep at night,  It is not the sound of crashing waves, white noise, or my favourite song, I listen for, it is you heart beat against my ear.  When I wake,  it is not the songbird I await, to signal daybreak,  or the morning coffee, brewed perfectly on the granite sides. It is the honey, sweet in your voice, when it bids me good morning.  And when the day draws to a close,  it is not the stuffed toys, you’ve collected for me over the years,  or the infantile blanket, I just can’t part ways with,  but my plain little pillow, I wrap my arms round.  In desperate hope, that if embraced hard enough, you’ll feel it too, As I wrap my arms around your soul.

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