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‘You brew, too’: A short story by Max Dobson

Our creative writing submission this week is from Max Dobson (he/him). With his creative writing piece ‘You brew, too’ he wanted to use his passion to create a little pleasure to people, “with the current state of the world, everything constantly getting us down, I want to use my passion to suggest a way for people who feel down and out to allow themselves a simple pleasure that might help them feel a little better.

You can find more of Max’s work on his website at

You brew, too

Certain exposures to stress and uncertainty can drive a person to the edge of forgetting self love. These moments, when external disappointments and nocturnal appointments make us feel like separate entities to the ones outside are the ones where we must allow ourselves the love we deserve. Not just a pat on the back or an extra episode of our favourite show, we must acknowledge the moments where it is not just your bodies which need the vital treatment in order to survive, it is our very soul, our mind, that needs to be nurtured. Steam rising from a thick cup, dancing atop the freshly flavoured liquid in a cold, breezing room. A simple brew of tea leaves packed with antitoxins and just enough caffeine to get the body moving again. Sometimes all we need is to feel the warmth of the cup against our hands, allowing ourselves to breath once again. When you allow yourself the simple pleasure of tea, escaping momentarily to a world of earthy, robust tones and soul swelling sentiment, you allow yourself the time to recover.

At no time in our generations short yet claustrophobic era has it been more important for us to take a pause, revive ourselves and question who we are, what we need and what we deserve. These valid and important questions cannot be answered in a day, no matter how desperate we are for our platform, our time. The answers we seek are learnt over a period of time of self discovery and growth. A cup of tea, no matter how simple with its handfuls of leaves dyeing and flavouring the water from an Earl Grey with revitalising citrus qualities, Lapsang Souchong with smoky, reminiscent tones to a standard breakfast the with a splash of milk, accompanied by a well earned biscuit, will give you a momentum. This won’t cure your illness, it won’t dry your tears and it won’t make the things you miss come back. But it will remind yourself, body and soul, that you deserve to feel good, you deserve the happiness and fulfilment that you seek. So take a break, grab a cup, you’ll get there.

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