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'Wonderland' by Rosie Lugg

Rosie Lugg is a 19 year old creative portrait and fashion photographer from Essex. Her project 'Wonderland' is part of a TikTok series 'Photoshoots inspired by Films' Lugg creates based on films that have been retold over and over again.

I have always loved expressing myself through creative outlets like film, art, music and so on, but it wasn’t until lockdown hit and I had endless time to experiment that I got into photography - I haven’t looked back since! Around May 2020 is when I took my first self portraits then as restrictions started to lift my supportive friends became the subjects! I eventually built my own small online brand ‘Rambos Photos’ which has led to meet some incredibly talented and inspirational people and become part of an amazing community.


The ‘Wonderland’ series is part of my TikTok series ‘Photoshoots inspired by Films’ and is of course inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The story has been told so many times in so many different ways, but every time the abstract, magical and unevenness of the story comes through - we tried to capture this in these images. Wonderland has a lot of odd proportions to add to the mystical elements, as well as beautiful scenery constructed by flowers. The word ‘Growth’ fits these qualities perfectly. It can be interpreted in terms of nature and the blooming of the colourful plants as well was the literal change in state and size of ‘Alice’ and her surroundings, which we played around with using perspectives.

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