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‘Wondering Seasons’ by Sophie Parnell

Sophie Parnell is a creative 20 year old from Hertfordshire who admires photography in every way.

SP: “I started studying photography in sixth form while doing my A-Levels however had to leave due to severe mental health conditions. Since I have left all I want to do is take photographs of anything: portraiture, nature, architecture, events and many more themes! This is my fourth year I have been taking photographs but now is my time to do more whether that means studying a degree at university or getting a full time apprenticeship or job in this photography (that would be my dream come true!).

Here are a few of my favourite photographs that I have captured over the last few months. I absolutely idelise photographing sunsets in both morning and evening as the beautiful skies tell a story straight away: sunset colours creates a calm atmosphere. Being able to set my camera settings in order to get the perfect shoot is what I love the most! This just tells me that I am capable and I know I can do photography for a career!”

SP: “As you can see in my other photographs nature is one of my most popular themes. From capturing different plants, seasons, weathers, water and much more these are all subjects that I find challenging but love the outcome of the photos in the end. There’s a few recent photographs of a Snowy Saturday morning in Lockdown. These turned out extremely astonishing; being able to see the snowflakes fall as the streets are empty. I did find it challenging however I was able to get some perfect photos so this proves anything is possible!”

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