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Untitled by Mohammed Adel

Mohammed Adel is a painter from East London and recent graduate from Camberwell College of Art. His untitled piece is part of a larger oeuvre of work that is visceral, emotional, and deeply connected to his chosen medium.

Mohammed describes his piece as “based on a state of frustration with concepts of sinister, beauty, foreboding, intangibility used as a way to negotiate the feeling of the painting. Sitting as something both inviting yet sinister, it challenges the relationship between concepts surrounding beauty and sinister and whether those concepts can be somewhat intertwined. It becomes about painting itself and what it is in between the image and painting that creates the evolution into a visceral experience. I look at nature as we tend to form visceral associations to nature and so it lends itself as a subject I can manipulate and use the associations to further evoke an emotional response.”

You can view more of Mohammed’s work by following him on Instagram, or on his website.

CREAUntitled, Oil on Canvas, 175 x 155cm, by Mohammed Adel

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