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Trick or Treat: Why scaring yourself might seem like a trick but is actually a treat...

How are you scaring yourself today?

Are you going out for drinks with friends wearing a risk-ay costume, or fake blood and prosthetics all over your face? Maybe you’re getting ready to sit in a dark room with the most intense, creepy, and gory horror film on the TV? What about going to a corn maze with your significant other – or a haunted house?

The list of scary activities over Halloween is endless. Each year another crazy idea gets added to the list and, I don’t know about you, but I love it. I love how socially acceptable celebrating Halloween in all its glory has become. There’s a whole host of Halloween trends online and it seems the spookier they are, the better.

We encourage each other to push ourselves out of our comfort zones for one whole day a year – why is that? Why don’t we do this all the time? Good question.

Hopefully, you’ve realised I’m not just talking about spooky scary activities like watching horror films or going to a zombie rave on a random Tuesday night, but how scaring yourself in general should be more socially acceptable.

We all get stuck in our safe, cosy, comfort zones, but a day like Halloween reminds us that we don’t have to stay there. We can dress up how we like, we can watch something scary, we can go and explore a haunted mansion.

It’s important to recognise the attitude we give to ourselves in October around the holidays, so that we can continue the attitude into the rest of our lives. Do the scary. Apply for the dream job. Ask the boy out. Book the holiday. Try a new food. Message that person and ask them to hang out. Compliment a stranger.

Big or small, what’s the worst that is going to happen? After all, it's not like you’re being chased by a clown, fearing for your life, or that your house is haunted by ghosts like the characters from your favourite spooky film.

While there are genuine health benefits to scaring yourself – I know, mad right? There are a million reasons why the cliché ‘the best things in life are the ones that scare us’ rings true. Taking a leap of faith and taking a risk is more likely to show you how much you are capable of or will bring you a host of experiences you wish you did sooner.

Allowing yourself to take part in a range of new, albeit scary, experiences can help you learn more about yourself and grow you into someone you never imagined you’d be. And take it from me, your witchy writer today, if you can survive Halloween, you can do a lot more.

Not to forget us badasses actually survived a pandemic – it can’t get much scarier than that.

Go and scare enjoy yourself – you won’t regret it!

Happy Halloween ghouls, ghosts, and witches <3

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