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‘Trail of Touch’ by Naroa Perez

This weeks submission is a spectacular and inspiring body of work from Naroa Perez. This project is inspiring for many aspiring photographers around the globe who hope to have their work published in the way Naroa has in the future

Naroa is a photographer researching on tactile nostalgia through the liquid emulsion technique. She was born in Barcelona and graduated in Pedagogy at UPV/EHU. She studied photography at Amaiur Photography School, based in San Sebastian and worked as a freelance and studio photographer. She came back to the darkroom at Arteleku, a contemporary art institution where she repurposed the darkroom space and organised some photography workshops, this brought her to Xavier Ribas, a lecturer at Brighton University, Ribas encouraged her to study in London which eventually led to her graduating in photography at the London College of Communication, UAL.

Since mid 2017, the liquid emulsion technique has transformed for her into photographic-tactile objects accompanied by research on the sense of touch and nostalgia in the visual arts. Naroa’s work is already at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Bodleian Libraries Weston Library Rare books collection in Oxford.

Naroa likes working in the field as a photography technician, both in digital and analogue. Her practice normally places her in the darkroom, both black and white (liquid emulsion technique) and colour analogue printing. She works on the creative process, dealing with mistakes, chance, repetition and uncertainty.

‘Touch of Trail’

Trail of Touch is a photographic artwork that started in 2017. It unites academic and practical photographic research on tactile nostalgia, mistake, chance and repetition are procedure concepts.

Trail of Touch claims and legitimates the sense of touch as the most important sense. It develops first and the most primitive.

Trail of Touch is located in the darkroom, the imaginary is haptic, contrasting the senses of touch and sight. Cacti is beautiful to see but impossible to touch.

Naroa describes the project as: “After university I got involved in a unique project called Trail of Touch. I made photographic tactile sculptures to explore the idea of the haptic through liquid emulsion technique. Coating a range of natural and porous materials mirroring the texture of the skin. I found the sense of touch and the liquid emulsion as the perfect way to look into the process of creation. Involving the uncertainty, the chance, the mistake, and the repetition. Printing the same negatives on different materials, once and again. Creating a limited edition book that its production is totally manual. Done one by one, repeating the same process in total darkness where chance, mistake and the sense of touch come together. Playing with uncertainty becomes fun.”

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