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Top 5 things I’ve watched on Netflix during Lockdown

Written by Sherina Bhundia

Illustration by Aimee Lee

Lockdown has been a time for healing and evaluating … but most of all a time to binge watch Netflix! With the extreme pressures of lockdown and maybe some aggressive mood swings, Netflix became my saviour because there is just so much to watch! There’s a ton of amazing things to stream right now from home so grab a blanket and a much-needed glass of wine. Here are my top 5 recommendations for the ultimate binge-watching experience and a way to procrastinate… I mean stay busy during lockdown.

1. Selling Sunset

If you love real estate, reality TV or even just love to fantasise about your dream house … this is the show for you! Selling Sunset follows the employees of The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate company, who break down the world of real estate by exposing what it takes to sell million-dollar properties. From Burgers and Botox to total drama, the show will have you addicted to following the lives of these thriving estate agents and of course have you stunned at how perfect the houses look: a golf course on the roof… YES PLEASE! Interested? You’re in luck, season 3 premiered on the 7th of August and yes, I binged watched it in 3 days and you should to!

2. Never Have I Ever

At first, I thought this show is too childish for me, but its humorous writing and stereotyping of an Asian family makes it quite entertaining for all ages. Especially if you’re Asian like me because it becomes totally relatable! Mindy Kaling’s new show will make you laugh your socks off in almost every episode with Devi, a “precocious and slightly nerdy teen” mourning her father’s death and of course the most important thing to her… how to get a boy to sleep with her. This show is not like a regular High School drama, it portrays the lives of teenagers and adults realistically and highlights a more diverse, inclusive world. Definitely worth the watch and will make you laugh during a depressing couple of months or year (SIGH) of lockdown.

3. Friends

A classic. You can never go wrong with Friends! Talk of a Friends reunion special has come to the air, so I guess it means time to start revising the timeless series to ensure all quotes are memorised by now! With David Schwimmer clarifying that they actually were on a break – obviously one of the most important debates of all time – were they really? Thanks to Netflix, all 10 seasons are available to watch, a Friends marathon should be enough to keep you engaged throughout a lonely lockdown. Now thinking of it, lockdown really does feel like when Chandler stayed in a box to evaluate his life. Can never get fed up of a classic!

4. The Crown Season 3

This Netflix Original is by far one of my favourite TV shows to date! I binged watched season 1 and 2 to catch up on the release of season 3 – I may have gained some nasty looking eyebags doing this. Season 3 shows Olivia Coleman take over Claire Foy’s role as Queen Elizabeth II as she enters her 40s and journeys life as both a Queen and a mother. You may think you know the history of the throne from History classes in high school, but did you know that King Edward VIII (the one who abdicated the throne) actually was a Nazi – the show even shows footage of the him and Hitler together! I don’t know if I just didn’t listen in school or if the curriculum doesn’t educate us on the Royal family in detail, but I sure thought that was the most mind-blowing thing ever! Not only did I binge watch this show because the cinematics are brilliant, but I also got to learn about the Royal Family (even though it’s not all true) through lockdown. Your eyes will definitely be glued to the screen with the amount of drama that happens! Cannot wait for season 4 – wonder how they will portray Princess Diana!

5. Money Heist

Spanish Netflix Shows are AMAZING! This Netflix Original is probably the most popular foreign language show on Netflix, Money Heist is a series about a criminal mastermind who goes by the name ‘El Profesor’ who spent years preparing to pull off the largest heist in recorded history! He recruits 8 other criminals with different abilities to help him succeed this mission. Their plan to hijack the Royal Mint of Spain and print BILLIONS of Euros seems bonkers but the pure masterclass of a plan will have you binge watch this show throughout lockdown to the point where I forgot what sleep was and ended up watching it until 6am (whoops). Money Heist is the ultimate crime series to watch if you’re in need of some thrill and even to help with learning some Spanish – even though I mostly remember the swear words. The show made my lockdown, I wish I hadn’t binge watched it so fast. I’m OBSSESSED, I already know what I’ll be going as for Halloween this year. Undoubtedly one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen – pure genius.

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