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Top 10 Study Playlists To Listen To On Spotify

By Fauve Deldime

Music is a huge part of our lives as we can hear it everywhere we go. There’s an occasion for every genre and the focus of this article will specifically be on study music. You might study in silence to the sound of the trees and the birds chirping away or something completely different. Study music is a great tool to help you focus and I hope you discover some new favourites.

1. Jazz for Reading

Starting off the playlist with a bang, this jazz playlist is an absolute gem. Transport yourself to an old café while listening to that dreamy guy playing the piano. Let’s not get too lost in dreamland of course and just concentrate on that summary in front of us. This playlist is purely instrumental. Perfect for those of you who get distracted by words in songs but still diverse enough so that you don’t fall asleep.

2. Chill hits

This is a perfect playlist work to. You get to sing along a little but it’s not like you’re dancing to party songs either. It depends on how you study and concentrate. If you prefer to be completely focused and not distracted, this is probably not the best playlist for you. Go get that boost of focus by singing a hit song once in a while!

3. Focus guitar

Who knows, maybe you prefer guitar sounds because piano and jazz aren’t really your thing. Only instrumentals so your chance of getting distracted is close to none. Perfect for that morning study session since it’s pleasing to the ears but not too much. This playlist is three hours long and I guarantee you’ll still enjoy guitar sounds after.

4. Calming classical

Classical music and tea are like kindred souls, they are made for each other. Your study session combined with this playlist and a cup of tea can only be good. Mozart, Schubert, Vivaldi and a lot of more amazing artists are in this playlist - I couldn’t recommend it enough. I highly encourage everyone that doesn’t particularly enjoy classical music to give this one a try. You might be surprised, in a good way of course.

5. Nature sounds

Back to the basics with the simple and calming sounds of nature. Perfect for meditating and studying. No lyrics and instrumentals with this playlist. This list contains a lot of water sounds so that means waves or waterfalls but also bird sounds or thunder. It’s almost six hours worth of nature sounds so if you want to do an extra-large study session this could be the playlist that you need.

6. Blues on the rocks

Couldn’t make a top ten without adding some blues. It’s probably not the best choice of music for heavy studying but it’s so good for some light studying. Try this one for the evening when you have to stay awake a tiny bit more to finish that pesky assignment. This playlist will keep you awake to work but still leave you in the evening mood.

7. All the feels

Enjoying what you study makes such a difference, you’re just happy to learn. That feeling is embedded in this playlist and you’ll have a lot of fun working to this. Only good feelings and that for six hours. You might discover some new artists so it’s a win-win situation.

8. Road trip to Tokyo

I’m back at it with an instrumental playlist. Those just are the best to focus to when it’s really needed. No distractions only beats. In this playlist you’ll find a lot of songs made by Japanese artists and I put it in here because of the lofi music. Those are the best for studying and that is because it helps calm your thoughts and get into the mindset of studying.

9. Rainy Mood

This playlist is the definition of divine. The songs are songs edited in a way that you listen to them as if they’re in a room far away. Add some rain sounds to that mix and you’re studying in an old library listening to the music a teenager is playing outside. Because the playlist is short, it could be great for that last bit of cramming before a deadline. No need to be stressed out, this playlist has got you covered.

10. Love in Paris

Last but not least is this entirely French playlist. These songs can be a little intense and might be better for your lighter workload and studying. I can guarantee you will get up from your chair at least once and have a little dance party. That probably means it isn’t the best to study to, but I thought it deserved an honourable mention and some love. It’s not called love in Paris for nothing.

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