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Tips on becoming an eco-friendly student

Today, April 22 is Earth Day, and it's becoming increasingly important to be as eco-friendly as possible. At home it's so easy to allow our parents to worry about eco side of things such as turning off the lights. One would be surprised should they realize the impact such a small task does to the environment.

There are many small tasks that you could incorporate into your daily life that could be seen as 'eco-friendly', and the tasks are so effortless you'd be silly not to try a few...

Take notes electronically

As the world is becoming more and more technology- focused, there is no reason why our study notes can't be done electronically also. Not only does this stop the waste of paper, but you will also save time and money on notebooks and notepads if you take the change to taking your notes electronically. Furthermore, this could make life a lot more easy, as you could have one word file for a whole module!

Tap water > bottled water

Learn to love tap water, and invest in a BPA- free water flask! Studies show that bottled water is up to 500 times more expensive than tap water. Tap water is literally free, so why would you purchase water. The perfect type of reusable water is a BPA-free water flask (rather than a plastic bottle!)

Another point to make is to reduce sugary drinks, and increase your intake in water. Fizzy drinks such as cola and fizzy orange are expensive.

Turn off the lights/ any electricity after use

This seems like such a minute task, but it's still something many may subconsciously forget. A good way to implement this may be to connect everything in the room to a surge protector, and when leaving the room simply switch the surge protector off. This turns everything off, rather than having to go to all the switches!


Having a recycling bin is key. So much can be recycled from paper to most plastics! Recycling is good practice to get into as it's one of the easiest ways to protect their environment. Separating your recyclables from rubbish doesn't take long!

Carpool / Utilise public transport

Walk, cycle or commute via public transport! Most student cities are walk and cycle friendly, as well as having decent public transport which will aid getting you from A to B. Walking and cycling will also incorporate some exercise into your day! If you're journey is a little longer, consider taking a bus to your destination, as it's much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly!

These are five simple things are the best starter points for beginning your journey to becoming more eco-friendly. Share with your friends, and hold them accountable!

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