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Things To Look Forward To: Spring Edition

With February over, Spring is finally coming our way. And although winter seems to be digging in its heels, nicer weather is finally on the horizon. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, the perfect prelude to the bliss of summer. Here are some things to look forward to as the days get longer and lighter, reminding us that Spring is slowly but surely on its way!

Longer and lighter days

There is nothing that makes me sadder than getting out of work late in the afternoon, only to be greeted by the cold, dark outdoors. It makes me feel lazy, as though I don't want to do anything but get home and cuddle up in my warmest blanket and watch a TV show.

Something super exciting to look forward to is that these days are finally nearly over! The days are slowly getting longer, and that means that the sun will be out and so will we. Nothing beats the feeling of a cold beer with friends, sitting on a terrace and watching the day go by.

Flowers blooming

As Miranda Presley would say “Flowers in Spring? Ground-breaking.” Nobody can deny the serotonin boost you get from blooming Spring flowers. Seeing the parks colourful with new flowers and their smells reminds us that winter does eventually end. For me, this is the best indicator of nice weather: when wildflowers start to grow in the least expected places. Walking through parks, squares, or roads full of flowers while listening to my favourite music makes me feel like the main character. It is during this season that I like to buy flowers for my friends and family; it is a simple gesture that makes them happy.

No more tights

Nothing screams Spring like finally breaking the sundresses out and ditching the tights. It is a universal truth that tights ruin almost every outfit. During the British Winter, it seems we are forced to choose between being fashionable or surviving. I always try to stick with

sheer black or brown tights during the winter, even though they are not my cup of tea.

During spring, even though temperatures are not as high as they could be, it is finally bearable to ditch out the tights from our wardrobe and enjoy some sun on our legs.

Spending time outdoors

Spending time outside is one of the things I am most looking forward to about Spring. Time outdoors - whether getting some exercise, sitting on a park bench or enjoying some sunlight and a nice breeze with my friends - is the definition of happiness. When days get warmer, I

love to do picnics at the park. You don’t really need anything fancy to do it; sitting in the grass with a tablecloth filled with fruits, cakes and some booze is the perfect cheap but sweet plan for a nice Spring afternoon.

Feature Image courtesy of Joel Holland via Unsplash.

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