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Things to consider when choosing your college

Shortly after Christmas many teenagers will have to start considering what they will want to do post- GCSE. A natural option is to pursue further education in the form of college and/ or University- though, this isn't the 'natural option' for every one, and that is okay too!

It's an overwhelming task, trying to find the 'perfect' college course or even college for you, and is quite a big decision to be making at the tender age of only 17 or 18. I was only 17 when I began college, and after much thought and consideration I found the perfect college for me, after asking myself a few straight- forward questions.

What opportunities does the course/college offer? Will I get work experience? (Will it be paid?); Will I get an opportunity to go on study abroad or an Erasmus+ placement?

What facilities are available on campus that I can avail of? What clubs or societies are at the University that interest me?

How will I commute to and from college? Will I move to the Universities city? What's accommodation like there? (cost and quality!)

What services are on hand for first years at the University? What services are on hand that I will particularly avail of?

What is the college/university and/or college known for? Are there any colleges in particular that are highly acclaimed in the field I want to study?

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