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  • Sophie Hutchison

The Transitional Pieces You Need For Spring

Every year when the weather begins to heat up, I feel a sense of panic - WHAT am I

supposed to wear? When half the population seems to don flip-flops and short-shorts at the

first hint of sunshine and the other half seems to cling to their trusty coats and scarves until

they can no longer claim to be an ambient temperature, it’s hard to know how to dress and

how to master the art of not being too hot or too cold. Here are five essential pieces that’ll

help you through this awkward in-between-season weather, and continue to serve you

well throughout the rest of the year, too.

1: The striped jumper

There’s always that one friend who wears as few clothes as possible at the first sign of

Spring’s arrival. That friend is also inevitably always the one to end up being too cold and

the one you end up having to lend your jumper to. Whether you’re wearing it or you’re kindly lending it to an unsuitably dressed pal, opt for an understated striped jumper this Spring. Drape it over your shoulders in true Parisian fashion when it’s too warm to wear it in the day, pair it with denim cut-off shorts, or simply be glad you packed it in your tote bag when the weather cools down in the evening.

2: The bias skirt

A midi or maxi skirt is a definite Spring staple. Perfect for those who aren’t quite ready to get

their legs out, a bias-cut satin skirt is as sexy as any mini, as it hangs perfectly on all body

types due to the diagonal cut of the fabric. Pair with chunky trainers for an effortless vibe, or

platform sliders for a Kat Stratford (from Ten Things I Hate About You) approved look.

3: The oversized blazer

A blazer is perhaps the most low-effort way to make it look like you really thought about your

outfit. Find the perfect blazer, and it’ll never let you down. Throw it on with some matching

trousers and a T-shirt for a perfect lightweight spring look, or wear over a floral dress when

it’s too chilly for bare arms. Charity and vintage shops are a haven for blazers - don’t be

afraid to size up for a boxy look!

4: The perfect white-tee

A slightly more boring inclusion, but an important one nonetheless; finding basics that you

truly love is essential when curating a wardrobe. Whether you prefer baby tees or something

more oversized, a white T-shirt that flatters you will always be a staple item - although

they’re particularly valuable at this time of year. My personal go-to T-shirt (of which I own

several) is this one from Cos. Slightly cropped but not too tight-fitting, it makes me feel put-

together but not at all restricted. Once you find that perfect white tee, buy five of them.

5: The mule

As mentioned already, I’m a bit judgemental of those who opt for full-on Summer garb this

early in the year. I know I should live and let live but I just can’t accept flip-flops in MARCH.

Personally, I’d like to live in black leather boots all twelve months of the year, but admittedly

that isn’t really viable. So, the perfect Spring compromise seems to me to be the mule:

lightweight and easy to slip on and off, but still closed-toe, and thus appropriate for those

April showers. Channel your inner Dutchman with clogs like these from Arket.

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