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‘The Sea and Me’ by Shola Naylor

Shola Naylor is a recent photography graduate from Plymouth College of Art. Shola lived by by the sea her entire life with her family home in Paignton, a seaside town along the English Riviera, Devon as well as being close to the sea at university too. Growing up she would visit the sea with her grandfather on his sailing boat as well as becoming a lifeguard keeping her career close the water.

‘The Sea and Me’

SN: ‘The Sea and Me’ explores my love for the sea and how it’s been a part of my entire life. Showing the movement of the sea and the sense of feeling swimming in the ocean. I want to show the audience the sense of movement and the feeling of moving freely through the water. The motion of waves and where do they disappear too, we’ll never know. The sense of feeling weightless in the large ocean is powerful to me. The sea is my happy place. Feeling weightless, peaceful, clears my head, takes all the stress and worries away. 

‘The fascination of the ocean is that it has so many different moods. To me, the sea has been an emotional journey of love, peace, memories and freedom. Whilst creating this work I have discovered every reason why I love being by the sea, my connection with the movements of the waves and colour of the deep blue. The ocean seems to be larger than anything else, both empty and full at the same time, similar but never the same, in perpetual movement, always a source of inspiration. In every image my memories overlap to create something that intertwines me and the sea.’ 

Thalassophile: (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean. – Anonymous 

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