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‘The Light at Home’ by Holly Houlton

Holly Houlton is a recent 2020 BA (Hons) Photography with International Enhancement graduate from Coventry University. Currently working as a freelancer her ongoing project ‘The Light at Home’ focuses on time at home during the national lockdown and pandemic period. Holly observed the light and the passing of time in her family home – it was a huge change for her having to come home from university early and live there indefinitely, it also had a huge impact in her independence too.

Holly describes the project as:

“Amidst these strange times the global pandemic has provided us with, during and post lock-down, I have been working on ‘The Light At Home’; a project documenting time spent in my family home and walks taken in the countryside. 

I am captivated how an often seemingly mundane object such as my bedroom door, suddenly seems so peaceful just from the late evening sunlight streaming onto it. I find the process of capturing light a very therapeutic approach for dealing with spending a lot of time inside and feel that this visually represents the appreciation of simple things, when there is not much else.

The walks provide me with the freedom and escapism needed to clear my head and allow emotive contemplation during such difficult and challenging times both for my future career and wellbeing. The resulting images have become a photographic diary, recording this unusual period in my life. The photographs aim to represent the observations I’ve made, meditating on non-events I would not usually dwell on.

I have been drawn to; the light, passing of time and objects which take my interest – whether this is the way it has haphazardly fallen to the floor or how the light dances upon it.

Alongside the digital images, I made a cyanotype print of three of the photos which showcase different lighting in my bedroom, laid out in a triptych format to symbolise three particularly key times of day I find myself photographing and observing light and in doing so, the slow passing of time. Layering the print with the original digital images and utilising a close-up sample of the paper, provides insight into the details and textures of the cyanotype process. I chose to use this method to also incorporate the light in my home physically into the artwork itself and allow me to experience it in a more tangible form.”

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