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‘The Essence of Change’ by Sajeea Bhatti

Sajeea Bhatti is a British-Pakistani writer and creator born and raised in the North of England. She is currently studying International relations and South Asian Studies at SOAS. Sajeea has noted that for “years (she) has struggled with finding the confidence to celebrate her culture and roots. Now that she has found comfort in her identity, she hopes to inspire people through writing and film.” Sajeea wants to continue her work whilst fighting for justice and Human rights. You can follow Sajeea on Instagram to keep up with her work.

SB: The title of my piece is ‘The Essence of Change’. I wrote the piece as a reminder to others but also myself that life is unpredictable, and that instead of blaming ourselves for unplanned changes it is important that we don’t acknowledge them as failures but as strengths along the way.

‘The Essence of Change’

Change; one of life’s many constants. A concept defined as a process through which something becomes different – it changes. Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is so subtle, so quiet that you don’t realise that it has come and gone, and others it is like a ferocious gust of wind that hits you with force from every angle. Change is good, bad, exciting, scary, necessary, and everything in between. Some thrive off change, the thrill of newness excites them, challenges them to keep up with the adventure of life. But for some change is terrifying. The idea that what you once knew as your norm will no longer be is enough to make us happy with being comfortable. Change is a large part of our lives – from the day we are born to the day we leave this Earth. Sometimes in ways we don’t even realise. When our hair grows: Change; when our teeth fall out as children: Change; our likes, dislikes-these are all products of change. I often wonder why so many of us fear change. Perhaps it is the uncertainty? The uncertainty of what or who we will become? Or maybe where we will end up? Everyone knows that we can plan as much as we want, but when life has something planned our plans are nothing in comparison.

Or perhaps, above all these things, it is the uncertainty of ourselves. Could it be that we fear change because we don’t know our potential, our abilities to adapt, to learn, to grow. Comfort and familiarity become a common norm for us and to disturb that seems unthinkable. Why would we want to disrupt our ordinary only to delve into a world that we don’t recognise? Albeit there are times when we aren’t ready for change – the fast-paced nature of life has us under the illusion that we must move with it. That if we don’t win the race then we simply haven’t tried. But what’s wrong with just staying still? Enjoying the moments that make up who we are, that become the memories that we hold on to so dearly.

Our perception of change may have been deformed by society; ultimately there is not us without change. We cannot progress without change. To reach the best versions of ourselves we must adjust, and this doesn’t have to be in the same way as everyone else – comparison, as they say, is the thief of joy. Change doesn’t just happen, whether we realise it or not we are all working towards it. The consciousness of the notion is what scares us, otherwise what explains our lack of fear for the smaller things in life? Maybe if we saw change as our friend and not our enemy, we would understand it better. It allows us to feel new things, live through new experiences, forgive, love. We are bonded in everlasting entanglement with the change, no matter how much we try to stop it- it always wins. Without it our world would be stuck- what we know as our world today wouldn’t be; technology, transport, food, culture, everything has been affected by the change. Although not all good, it has given us perspective, a vision of what we want for ourselves and for the world around us.

Whether we want it or not, whether we are ready for it, change will always come our way. It is not up to us when it comes but how we deal with it. Despite the difficulty, stress, and confusion it brings along, it also brings us progression, growth, and ability. I’m not sure how to deal with change or whether I am ready to accept it at all. My fears seem larger than the silver lining to come after; I realise that change is a constant. We may not know when, where, why, or how, but one thing we do know is that it will come, and when it does, we will be ready.

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