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The Collective Mag’s Christmas Spotify playlist

Written by Courtney Davies

Christmas would not be Christmas without the classic anthems playing. As soon as it hits November the 1st Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, Wham and Band Aid are being played by many. But it seems as though the majority of people seem to wait until mid-November/ December, out of 250 people only 50 of them start listening to Christmas songs at the start of November.

However, no matter when you start playing them Mariah Carey overlooks them all with ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, some may even believe that it is the best Christmas song to date. This song is adored by many at Christmas because everyone loves, love especially at Christmas time. It is a song everyone knows, played everywhere on Christmas day and sang in multiple cars and households over the festive period.

Over the years many famous singers have covered Christmas songs or even wrote their own. Justin Bieber rocketed up the charts with ‘Mistletoe’ years ago, and ever since it has had a prime spot on the majority of the Christmas playlists. Ariana Grande has also caught many people’s attention when it comes to Christmas songs with ‘Santa tell me’ and ‘Snow in California’ being my two favourites of hers.

These come alongside some other celebrity favourites of mine with Christmas songs coming from Destiny’s Child, Sia, Coldplay and even the Jonas Brothers. When you think of Christmas you do not automatically think of these artists, you think more of the classic Christmas songs that are known by billions all around the world and played endlessly in shops, which if you work in retail they become your worst nightmare.

However, some Christmas songs become popular because of Christmas films, series or television shows. These normally become songs you then relate to that specific show or scene. If you are a big Gavin and Stacey fan, like myself, as soon as you hear Elton John’s classic festive song ‘Step into Christmas’ you will instantly think if Smithy entering Gavin’s house, no doubt one of the best shows to appear on our screens and an absolute family favourite.

This year Dolly Parton has welcomed some new festive favourites in the Netflix original ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the square’, these songs will more than likely be making appearances on next year’s Christmas playlists.

One of my favourite things about Christmas songs is that they can lift your mood straight away. Out of 250 people 234 of them felt as though Christmas songs cheer them up, I think this year especially even just the thought of Christmas is helping a lot of people. Particularly since we found out about the second lockdown in England the day before November the 1st, Christmas songs have certainly helped me, and my friends keep our spirits high.

But unfortunately, this year one of the festive favourites ‘Fairy Tale of New York’ has been banned across UK radio stations, yet I am sure it will still make an appearance on many peoples Christmas playlists and played throughout households on Christmas day.

Although, retail workers may not see Christmas songs in the same light, having to hear them repetitively for weeks on end. Ever since I started working in retail a few years ago I found that not everyone likes Christmas song and customers even dread hearing them, whereas others are thrilled to hear the songs through the speakers. Many seem to think Christmas songs get repetitive out of 250 people 140 of them sometimes find them repetitive and 95 of them do.

Personally, at the start I love Christmas songs and there is no better feeling than sitting around with you family on Christmas day while they play in the background or when you are at the pub with your friends. But when I’m at work and the same playlist is playing over all day every day I understand why retail workers dread the Christmas season, not only for the long shifts.

This festive season you can guarantee that I will not be getting sick of Christmas songs after this year we have had. You will find me playing the Christmas classics wherever I am, nothing beats Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey. These are songs that no matter how many Christmas songs come out will never get old.

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