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The Collective Mag Creative Collections Digital Advent Calendar Day One: 'Invasive' by Simran Kaur

In the run up to Christmas Creative Collections will be posting a different artists work everyday until Christmas Eve. This will eventually create a digital advent calendar featuring different artists, writers and photographers from all over the world. First up we have a regular contributor to the section photographer Simran Kaur. For those of you who don't know Simran here is a little about her:

Simran Kaur is a surrealist still life, creative portrait, fashion photographer and artist currently based in London. She is Punjabi and she was born and raised in Italy now based in London. You can find her work on Instagram @simran_k_01 and on her website Simran's main objective is to make the viewer's dreams come true by creating intriguing setups, but she does also creates mental health and environmental awareness with her experimental photography. At the same time, she also creates dreamlike abstract visuals to make the viewer explore another reality. Simran Kaur gets inspired by people's dreams and visions, but her childhood memories also inspire her to create various projects. To keep her childhood memories alive she started doodling digital and traditional illustrations which helps her to understand how she feels about those foggy memories of her childhood.


"Invasive" is a creative portrait photography project by Simran Kaur which aims to showcase how it feels to be invaded by an overload of unexpected emotions. Your heart feels heavy and your mind feels foggy, there are many emotions and states of mind to think about and is hard to even talk about all of them.

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