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The Black Aquarius: A Poem by Kyra Daini

Kyra Daini is an MA Multimedia Journalism student at the University of Kent. Her poem ‘The Black Aquarius’ centres around the Black Lives Matter movement and the lived experience of Black oppression. KD: “I wrote this poem in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, I was angry at the situation and wanted to put my thoughts on paper. This poem is about black restriction and the oppression that comes with stereotypes. The open conversations about race that have begun as a result of the togetherness we saw last year has meant writers like myself who focus on race can continue to educate and support the journey to equality.”

The Black Aquarius

I see a water bearer, with a head full of black coils that spiral into the night sky. Her full lips and dark skin embody strength, I can see the heartache in every wrinkle of her skin, the mark of struggle and symbolism of a system not willing to embrace her. Is this why you detached yourself Aquarius?

From a world that will never allow you to climb, higher than the status it permits. I want to see your mind, open it to me. So we may see the originality it contains. Teach us your ways. We have lost ourselves Aquarius, lost ourselves in modernity.

Set us free.

So we may set you free, you are caged in your own mind. But only you possess the key.

I see a water bearer, with a future full of light and opportunity

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