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The Best Place to Buy Bras for Bigger Boobs

Having bigger boobs is a gift – but a gift that can feel like a curse at times, too. Finding the right bra can be difficult, especially when it seems as though anything above a DD will either cost you your entire student loan or only come in black, white, and beige.

The priority when buying underwear should be feeling comfortable, but feeling sexy

is a big part of building your intimate wardrobe. Even if nobody is going to see your cute new set, knowing you’ve treated yourself to something that makes you look and feel good creates an unmatched confidence.

After years of struggling to find bras that are both cute and affordable, I have tried pretty much everything. Here are my favourite places to buy bras for bigger boobs, even on a


1. Ann Summers

It’s the worst having to pay more for the same bra at most stores just because you have more skin on one part of your body. This is why Ann Summers is, and always will be, my number one place for buying bras. The brand offers so many styles coming in sizes from 30A to 44GG, usually as standard. This means that bras in bigger sizes come at the same price as any other size, which is so refreshing when bra-shopping.

Another perk of Ann Summers is that the models on the site are representative of a range of body types and boob sizes. There is nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous bra online but not being convinced it’ll actually cover your nipple. It makes the whole shopping experience like a weird, stressful guessing game. Ann Summers scores points for their representation, meaning that it’s not hard to imagine what the bra would look like on you during an online shopping session.

Ann Summers usually offers a student discount code via UniDays, which sometimes even gets you money off sale items. They cater for quite a few different budgets, with some bras costing you a tenner, and others setting you back around £40. If you have a proper browse around the store or the site, you’ll definitely be able to find something you fall in love with.

I can’t stress enough how much Ann Summers changed my view of my body and underwear in general – it helped me embrace being a bigger bra size by making the bra shopping process so easy, and offering cute bras that were made with my size in mind.

2. Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue was where I was measured and fitted for the first time, and I primarily shopped for bras there for years. Like Ann Summers, they sell genuinely nice bras in bigger sizes! Again, their prices vary quite significantly, and more recently they’ve started selling a lot of their styles in bigger sizes as standard.

One thing I learned when shopping for Boux bras was that it’s always safer to try them on first, so I went in-store more often than online. Obviously, wherever you buy a bra, the different styles will vary in size - a balconette wouldn’t usually fit you the same as a plunge bra, so you might have to buy a different size from your usual. I found quite dramatic differences in sizes across different styles in Boux Avenue, often a totally different size in each style - so drastically different that I never would’ve even considered taking my actual

size off the hook! Luckily, most stores do free fittings, so if you see something you like, you can make sure you get your perfect size.

Boux Avenue also offers a swimwear range. Though I haven’t personally tried it, I’ve seen some glowing reviews. If you struggle to find a bikini top that works for your body, it might be worth checking Boux Avenue! And while you’re there, it would be a shame not to look at their nightwear and lounge ranges, because they do some really cute items.

3. Asda

Hear me out on this one – if you know, you know. Asda bras are cheap, cheerful, and so comfortable. They have quite a few styles, including some lacy bralettes! I also recommend their sports bras – I bought one a couple of years ago for £9 and its one of the only sports

bras that has given me enough support to work out in without any concerns.

When I say they’re cheap, I mean almost always under £10. They’re basically giving them away!

However, there are a few cons to the Asda lingerie section. Asda’s sizes go up to a 42F, so it’s not as inclusive as some of the other stores. Additionally, when buying in-store, there aren’t

dedicated lingerie professionals around to help you find that perfect fit. The nature of the store also means that there is often less in-store availability, so the shelves might get a bit

empty before they’re restocked in your desired size.

However, I cannot stress enough how much I love the Asda bras I own. For the price and the convenience of them, they are a win.

4. Savage X Fenty

Rihanna’s underwear is so perfectly made for bigger boobs. The range is designed to complement a plethora of body types and the models on the site represent the spectrum amazingly. They show different sizes and skin tones and don’t coat their models in airbrush, so it feels really inclusive and empowering.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth giving Savage X Fenty a go at some point – I saw so much about the brand on social media that it felt silly not to check it out. Unfortunately, though, if you’re on a budget, this probably isn’t the place for you. Generally, to get the amazing offers you see on the ads, you need to have a monthly VIP membership. If you don’t remember to ‘skip the month’ before the 5th, or you don’t purchase an item each month, you’ll be charged almost $50 to maintain your membership. And if you don’t have a VIP membership, the bras are usually at least double the price. It is so easy to be caught out and left with a big bill every month, so be careful while you shop!

Feature image courtesy of Fahad Waseem via Unsplash.

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