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The Benefits of LinkedIn

Written by: Chloe O’Keeffe Design by: Rachel Fitzjohn.

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn was set up and founded by CEO Ryan Roslansky and is an online employment- oriented service for both employers and those seeking employment to join with the opportunity to connect to like- minded people. LinkedIn allows for people to share their CV and build connections with people in similar fields, and has been a fantastic resource for young students on the job hunt recently.

There has been a decrease in physically going out to companies, walking in and handing in your CV this year, for obvious reasons and so many young graduates, and even older, more experienced peers who may have lost their jobs will find themselves trawling through LinkedIn and applying to the same jobs they may have once done physically.

There are many amazing reasons why I recommend young graduates creating a LinkedIn account for themselves. Job hunting is becoming more and more online based, and with that comes LinkedIn.

Online CV

Your profile on LinkedIn will act as a glorified CV, with all important information about you readily available. This includes an about section where you can tell people your background, and where you are currently at; your experience; your certificates and- one of my favourites- your skills, where you can add all the skills you are well-versed in as you go. As you build your connections, you will also be given the opportunity to be endorsed in skills. Should you have worked with someone in journalism for a period of time, they may want to ‘endorse’ your journalism skill.

LinkedIn Learning

Should you want to a go a step extra and try out LinkedIn Premium you will be given access to ‘LinkedIn Learning’ a section where you can learn about literally everything. Occassionally LinkedIn do offers where they grant accounts access to Premium features for the month, and on that month I fell in love with LinkedIn learning. There are courses on everything you could imagine, from programming to making a Youtube, and everything in between.

If I’m not mistaken when completed these courses go into the ‘Certificates’ section of your profile for potential employers to see.

Build a Network

I look at LinkedIn as a Facebook for job hunters, you can post pictures and posts and like, comment and share on these posts. One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it isn’t just about connecting with potential employers. You can connect with similar people to yourself, and see what they get up to, and even hype them up a little bit if needs be. LinkedIn Groups is a fantastic way to connect with people that have similar interests to you. Connecting with people like this will do no harm for your job hunt and to prove yourself either.

Job hunting

The main purpose of LinkedIn is the job hunting aspect of the website, and the job board on LinkedIn is a fantastic resource. The job board is super easy to use and accessible on LinkedIn, and allows you to send your ready made LinkedIn CV to companies and job posts you may want to apply to. Job posts on LinkedIn are broken down to easy, bite- size information. On the job post it shows the connections that work within in the company, it also shows how many people have applied. LinkedIn Premium also shows how you compare to these applications.

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource and is available both as a website and mobile application, easily downloadable on your phone. There are many reasons as to why it is so beneficial to the job hunter of 2020, and I’m yet to find a reason why one should not have a LinkedIn account.

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