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The Benefits of Joining Clubs/Socs in University

You are probably sick and tired of hearing how important it is to join a club or society (C&S) in University, but I am a massive advocate for joining one or two extra- curricular clubs as soon as you start your University journey. It is a no-brainer to me, and here is why.

Helps making friends

Anyone will tell you that the two most important ways to make friends are through your classes, and through extra- curricular activities. Most of my college friends were through the clubs I became part of, and some of my bestest of friends were made through C&S.

It is so important to befriend people outside of your housemates, and your course mates. Befriending people through C&S adds an extra layer to a sport or activity that you adore- you already know the people you are mingling with like the activity too, which is immediate common ground.

Potentially aids homesickness

I am lucky that I didn't suffer homesickness when first moving to college, though there was a sense of feeling lost in the opening week. Once college had ended for the day, and I'd got home and had dinner, there wasn't too much to be at for the evening, which gave way for feeling lonely.

Of course, the first week of college will probably be the one and only week you won't have much to be doing in the evenings (assignments come hard and fast, don't they?). Joining a club, and having an activity two evenings a week, combatted this loneliness, as I had something else to occupy my mind should I not have enough college work to keep me going.

Aids time management

Following on, having two evenings a week occupied with extra- curricular activities that I didn't want to miss, joining a club helped me manage my time better. This in turn, assisted with college assignments and classwork, as I had less time to allow for leaving assignments until the last minute.

I'm not saying that I never left things to the last minute; just that I did it less.

Boosts CV

From my experience, C&S need committees to run them, and these committees are wholly comprised of students. Running for committee is a fantastic opportunity to bulk out your CV, and show your true potential to future employers.

Opportunity to see new places

Events are a big part of any C&S. Many clubs will have the opportunity to enter competitions, particularly sports- based clubs, with National Competitions. These competitions give the opportunity to travel and see new places.

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