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  • Lily Newman

'Sweetness and Blue', 'Spur of the Moment' and 'Remember' Photography by Molly Knox

Molly Knox is a first year BA Music student at Durham University. Her three images 'Sweetness and Blue', which is the image of the cherry blossom, 'Spur of the Moment', the image of the orange and yellow flower and 'Remember' which is the picture of the sunset all relate to this month's theme of 'Harmony'. Below is what Molly had to say about herself as an artist and student:

MK: "I’m a 19 year old university student from Glasgow, interested in creating and reviewing music, poetry, theatre and photography that focuses on identity, mental health and nature. My poetry and reviews have been featured in University publications as well as online lit mags such as “Queerlings”, “Briefly Zine”, and “Unknown Magazine”, and my photography is due to be featured in “Small Leaf Magazine”’s upcoming issue ‘Jaden’."

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