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Summer Albums To Get Vaccinated To:

It’s the time of the year to make your summer playlists and stare out the window as you will the weather to actually get warm. Arguably, though, with the right songs, you can make the thirteen-degree heat of England in May feel like August in the south of Spain. The aim is to find those songs that would feature in the background of a teen film as the protagonist is finding themselves at summer camp and the songs that would accompany a wide, sweeping shot of California or the Bachelorette party montage in a rom-com. All the choices for this article are pop albums for that classic summer vibe, but the artists differ fairly widely enough to fit any of your summer plans. So here are some albums to listen to whilst lying in your garden sunbathing, to take on a road trip or just to feed that desire for sun when it’s inevitably tipping it down with rain.

Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa

If you haven’t already listened to this album, I honestly don’t know how you’ve avoided it. As the album of 2020, it can now only rightly be what you play when you finally get to have those parties you’ve been dreaming of for the past year and a half (even if they have to be outside). Dua Lipa’s fierce and unapologetic confidence will lift you up as you finally get out of the house for those summer plans. It’s upbeat and fun and will stick in your head into the start of next year.

Songs for the playlist: Don’t start now, Levitating, Hallucinate, Good in Bed

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

On the same level of songs to dance around your garden too, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream has a lot to offer. Starting out the album with some nostalgia that will bring back good memories of previous summers, the album has a lot more to it than the song that named the album. From the more relaxed atmosphere of ‘California Gurls’ to the angrier lyrics of ‘Circle the Drain’, it’s definitely worth a listen even just to pick out a few songs you can’t believe you didn’t listen to when they were released over ten years ago.

Songs for the playlist: Circle the Drain, E.T., Hummingbird Heartbeat

Bloom – Troye Sivan

With a mix of slower and more upbeat songs, Troye Sivan’s album is ideal for summer beach trips or sunbathing in the park. Bloom has a bit of everything, from songs to dance to, such as the appropriately named ‘Dance to This’, to slower, more emotional tracks. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a summer romance or simply to listen to as you think about your crush.

Songs for the Playlist: Dance to This, My My My!, Bloom, Plum

Hot Pink – Doja Cat

If you want the soundtrack to your hot girl summer, this is the one. Doja Cat’s powerful and explicit lyrics are empowering and can’t help to lift your spirits. Her songs are full of confidence and send a message of body positivity and not being afraid to go after what you want, whatever that might be. If you’re looking to be more adventurous, this album is the one to listen to you to help push you to take some risks this summer.

Songs for the playlist: Addiction, Cyber Sex, Like that, Juicy

~how I’m feeling~ – Lauv

Lauv’s album has a ~lot~ of songs in a way that makes it seem more like a collection rather than a classic album. However, what it might lack a little in cohesion, it makes up for in summer anthems. ~how Im feeling~ takes the idea of summer being a time of pure happiness and turns it on its head. The songs are upbeat, but the lyrics are complex and honest. Lauv sends the message that it’s okay if you’re lonely this summer if you’re going through a hard time, or if the summer isn’t everything you hoped it would be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to the songs if you’re having the best summer of your life, they are songs to sing along to, whether you’re feeling the same kind of pain or not.

Songs for the playlist: fuck, I’m lonely, Sims, I’m so tired…, Tattoos Together, Drugs & The Internet

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