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Student affordable ideas to make your uni house/room more homely

Moving into a student house is such a big step in your university life. It is arguably different to living in halls. It’s a smaller environment with less people around and a lot more freedom. It is probably your first experience of choosing which friends you live with. Most of the time, the room size can vary in the house. You may get stuck in a box room or be on the complete other side of the spectrum and have the biggest room in the house. Regardless, here are my tips to make your university house and room more homely!


As stereotypical as it may be; lighting is so important when making your room more homely. Having some soft fairy lights adds ambiance and comfort to any room. They’re normally available from Amazon, eBay or most supermarkets for less than £10. However, do be careful with your methods of putting them up as damaging paint or wallpaper can cause you to lose your deposit. If fairy lights aren’t your thing, you can buy desk lamps or bedside lamps which still create ambiance. One of my personal favourites is sunset lamps, designed to create ambiance and allegedly, help with mental health.

Wall decoration

One of the things I struggled with was empty space on the walls. I personally didn’t want a photo wall in my second year house, they came off the walls too easily and in the end, I had too many photos from good memories to choose from! You can buy plenty of funky prints to brighten up the space, just take a look on Etsy or Instagram. You can use your favourite musicians/celebrities as inspiration, as many shops will have prints of celebrities that take different routes rather than a traditional poster. If you’re looking for something more subtle, Desenio have more muted and neutral prints.

Don’t completely leave your old room behind

Take stuff that is familiar to you from home. It could be anything from framed photos, cute nick nacks, a pinboard, memories. It will all help make your room more homely and fill some dead space. If you have shelves in your room, it can help fill them and give you a little slice of home in your new environment. This costs you nothing as you already own it.

Remember comfort

Your room is somewhere you will be spending a lot of time so making it comfortable is so important. Get yourself some comfortable pillows, some throw pillows, blankets and a mattress topper. Whilst getting some comfortable pillows may be a bit more pricey, they are certainly worth it and will last you for years. Throw pillows and blankets can be picked up from anywhere, I got mine from Primark and B&M in first year and they’re still going strong! Again, a mattress topper may also be slightly more expensive but any money is worth it for a good nights sleep! Especially when student house beds are notoriously uncomfortable and when you consider other people have slept on it, putting a barrier between you and the bed won’t only bring you extra comfort, but peace of mind.

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