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  • Georgia Clarke

Squash Stress this Exam Season

It is the season we all fear the most, exam season. For many, it will be an important time in their life, whether you are sitting GCSEs, A-levels or have exams and assignments to write towards your degree, the stress mounts up.

I also have deadlines shooting at me left, right and center. But I am here to share some of my tips on how you can squash your stress this exam season...

The To-Do List

There is nothing I love more than a to-do list; they keep everything organized and help you to focus on what you want to complete that day. You can write a to-do list of what you want to revise, or what you want to complete for one of your assignments. But this is just a really good way to help get yourself organized and help plan what you want to complete, and you can tick it off as you go.

Take time out to relax

Although, studying and concentrating on exams and assignments is very important. Taking time out for yourself is also very important. I find personally that if I spend a few hours studying at the library and then go home and watch Netflix for a few hours which is something I enjoy I will then want to work, it kind of like a little reward to myself, it is always important to take time out for yourself.

Study with a friend

Studying with a friend can make studying more fun, and you can also help each other. You are both in the same boat, so you may as well help each other succeed.

Break up your tasks

By breaking up your tasks, into smaller tasks this will help you to finish them quicker but also get through them quicker, which is what everyone wants.

Get to the library

I am not someone who personally likes to go to the library, but this year especially the library has been the place where I get the most efficient work done and the quickest, because I want to get out of there quick essentially. Therefore, I cannot recommend enough even if you do not like necessarily going to the library get yourself there, plan out your tasks and I can guarantee you will finish what you need to do.

Although, these seem like simple things they are often the things that are overlooked and also the things that will more than likely help you the most.

Exam season will always be a stress, but it is the way we organize ourselves that helps us deal with the stress. We can make it easier for ourselves to create less stress.

My final piece of advice for revising for an exam or preparing for an assignment is always start EARLY, three years down the line at university and it something I always tell myself I would do and I haven’t, but who knows when I do my masters it might change.

To anyone sitting exams this year or currently rushing to meet deadlines good luck and why not share some of your tips and tricks to avoid exam stress this exam season, tweet us @_collectivemag.

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