'Someone' by Tara Sarper

Tara Sarper is a Politics and International Relations student at SOAS, University of London. You can follow Tara on Instagram, or visit her website. TS: "I wrote this poem a while ago. For the first time I am learning that love is something bountiful and pure, and that past experiences do not necessarily transcend to present ones. I thought that the poem would fit well with your theme of 'harmony', after all, it is about two people finding balance amongst themselves. I write mainly prose and poetry, exploring themes of love, sex, identity, death and melancholy." Someone

To be his –

Maiden, damsel, woman

Left of the hip or right of it

To be his,

The undivided, the absolute

The thread of you,


To be his –

First or last,

In between

To be his –

Means that,

You must accept

Cherish the patent that is


Forget your madness

Screwed into the past

To be his –

You must believe

The mystery

The promises at twilight,

Dawn and dusk

To be his –

You mustn’t forget

That you are still


And you mustn’t

Let that burn to crisp

To be yours –

You must remember

That you are enough

Before being his

You will always be

The one you were and are

Before you ever

Gave yourself

To him

To be his –

Is to be yours


In tandem

With each other

To be his –

Is to have found

A partner, an equal

To be his

And his yours

Is to accept

The differences

It is to build

As you are both

Two parts same

On a bounded ship

Headed to victory.

To be us –

A splendid thing

It is.

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