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‘Reverie’ by Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is a surrealist still life, product, and creative portrait photographer and artist who you’ve probably heard of before as she has recently submitted her project ‘Fogged’ which I would highly recommend having a look at if you haven’t already. You can find more of her work on her Instagram @simran_k_01and on her website.


Where the light falls the shadow rises, where you find the light you will find the shadows. They keep balancing each other and in a way, they create a barrier between the world you currently live in and a surreal world made of shadows, created by the light of our world. In this photography project titled Reverie, I’m exploring the relationship between shadows and lights by using objects and my body. I wanted to understand how the shadows of objects and bodies can look strange and unrecognizable. In our childhood, some of us were scared of the shadows in our room as they looked unfamiliar like they belonged to a surreal creature ready to capture you.I think my projects fit the theme Dusk and Dawn, as I’m talking about the lights and shadows. Someone might believe that during the Dawn the lights get stronger and that during the Dusk the shadows gets stronger, but from my perspective lights and shadows gets stronger in both times as during Dawn and Dusk there is light therefore there are also shadows. This brings me back to what I stayed at the start ” Where the light falls the shadow rises, where you find the light you will find the shadows ” you will always find shadows when there is the light, and if the light is not there then that is called total darkness.

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