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Putting your health before your job

It is all too easy to find yourself stuck in a rock and a hard place when it comes to work. Your job can pay well and be everything you wanted on paper, but when it comes to the actual environment it can be a different story. Whether it’s toxic co-workers, a boss who puts too much pressure on you, there’s an amalgamation of things that can contribute to making your work life harder than it needs to be.

It can be difficult to identify what battles are worth fighting, and if they are worth the inevitable hassle that comes along with it. Your safety and happiness in your workplace is paramount.

Here are my best tips on how to spot if your workplace is negatively affecting you and what to do if that is the case?

If you find yourself dreading work is a massive indicator. Obviously, everyone has their days when they can’t be bothered to go into work and when they’re just looking forward to the weekend but if you find yourself anxious or stressed about going into work, that is a strong indicator that your workplace is not a positive place to be. A way to combat this is either to look for a new job, which is way easier said than done, or plan things within your workday to make it more bearable. For example, arrange to meet a friend on your lunch break to get yourself out of your workplace.

Our bodies are incredibly intuitive. If you find yourself getting less sleep than usual, your eating patterns are changing, whether that’s eating less or more because of stress or if you don’t feel safe at work and home then that may be a sign that your job is negatively affecting you.

Feeling negative about your workplace can mean that you reflect on all the bad aspects. To keep the bad thoughts out of your head, make a to-do list filled with tasks you need to complete throughout the day. This should work as a distraction method and fill your time with productivity rather than negativity.

If it was something serious that was making you dread going into work, like bullying, discrimination, harassment then this is something that you should take higher. Whether it’s reporting it to your boss or your companies human resources department, it is important to make sure that the perpetrator is dealt with. It can be daunting to take something a step further but it is necessary.

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