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  • Lily Newman

'Proud; Truth; Eternity; Self' by Ø Macioti

Ø Macioti studied Graphic Design at Rome University of Fine Arts. You can find more of their work on their Instagram @upon_nothing and on their website.

Their work 'Proud; Truth; Eternity; Self is an expressional piece of their interpretation of feeling trapped here's what they had to say:

ØM: "These pieces reflect my journey along the path of self-acceptance. Facing my mortality, my flaws and my fears while keeping track of the positive sides about myself I tend to overlook, has been crucial in my growth as a person and an artist. I’m working hard towards an ever-more-aware, educated and self-loving version of myself, and these artworks are a reflection of the soundtrack that’s been having my back as I get there."

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