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  • Lily Newman

'Produced By the Film and TV Industries' by Sade Popoola

Sade Popoola is an Illustration graduate from the University of Lincoln. You can find her work on her website and her Instagram. Her project 'Produced By the Film and TV Industries' was created when Sade was given the freedom to create her own brief and outcomes in her final year at university.

SP: "In the final year of my degree I was given the freedom to create my own brief and outcomes. I wanted the project I created to be impactful and represent minorities within the creative industry. Being black and rarely being exposed to other black illustrators or artists throughout my academic career, I thought it was an important topic to focus on. To get more specific, I decided to look at racism and racial issues within film and TV as this is content we can all relate to. My final outcome was a 5-piece series of film posters that confronted various racial themes that are present both on and off-screen. The aim of this approach was to expose these issues to people who may otherwise be unaware, whilst also challenging change amongst industry gatekeepers.

This project really progressed by ability to think conceptually and communicate an idea using a single image. Additionally, I was able to adapt my vector/print like style to fit the mood and theme of each poster."

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