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'Prayer' by Nour Huda

Nour Huda (@sidewalkrituals) is a Lebanese painter and digital illustrator based in Beirut and London. After obtaining a BA and MA in Fine Arts, Nour has gone on to win various awards on both national and international levels for her art and illustrations and exhibit globally. Nour's piece 'Prayer' (Oil, Acrylic, Gold Leaf & Mixed Media on Canvas) was painted in response to the Lebanese Revolution and has a really interesting contextual background:

NH: "I started this painting around the time when the Lebanese Revolution was happening in November 2019. It's when I felt connected - for the first time after a very long time - to my roots.

Even though I was thousands of miles away, I felt like a part of it, especially during the process of working on this one. Even though the painting was "finished" in early 2020, the explosion featured in the background is now considered by many of my Lebanese fans as an omen or some sort of bizarre prediction of the Beirut explosion which happened months later in August 2020." You can view more of Nour's work on her Website.

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