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No more Keeping up with the Kardashians

Written by Livvy Adams

Image courtesy of Miller Mobley/E! Entertainment

“It is with heavy hearts that we’ve made the difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (The Kardashian Family, 2020)

*incoming floods of tears*

After 14 long years and 21 crazy seasons, the time has come where we must let go of having constant access to the fun-filled lives of one of our favourite celebrity families. Although heart-breaking for many of us who feel like we are now a loyal member of the family, we must accept that we have been extremely lucky to see and enjoy as much as they have shown. We’ve really seen it all: the marriages, the break-ups, the scandals, the pregnancies, the family fights and the extravagant family holidays. There have been so many funny, sad, celebratory and pure crazy moments that it can be hard to remember them all; and so that’s why I am here to give you the ultimate Kardashian roundup and to remind you of just why it’s loved so much.

Firstly, I think I need to start with a recollection of some of the show’s most unforgettable moments, which also happen to be some of my favourites…

  1. Scott and Khloe’s Pranks on Kris.

The devilish, but hilarious, duo have consistently caught Kris out with some extreme pranks that only these two could pull off. One of the most memorable tricks would have to be when Scott pretended to be Todd Kraines, along with the most recently aired prank where Khloe dresses up as Kris and stages some rather unflattering paparazzi shots!

2. The time Khloe, Kourtney and Kris went wine tasting.

There are a few episodes on KUWTK that show Kris having a few too many glasses and getting a little bit tipsy, but this episode would definitely have to be one of my favourites!

3. “Kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself, your sisters going to jail.”

When Khloe gets arrested for drink driving, Kim clearly wasn’t too worried and has more important things to do i.e. take a selfie.

4. When they each dressed up as one another.

I think this was one my favourite parts of the series, as it really showed the funny side of the family and just how well they know each other!

5. The sibling fights.

There have been numerous arguments throughout all of the series (as I’m sure you can imagine with a family that large) but there are two that stand out as the most dramatic and serious of the fallouts. One being between Kourtney and Kim (series 18), and the other being between Kendall and Kylie (series 20). Although all seems to be figured out now, at the time they brought a lot of attention to the show.

6. The iconic moment when Kim lost her diamond earring.

“Kim there’s people that are dying” – I think that’s all that needs to be said.

7. Kris gets a monkey.

When the girls wanted to get rid of Kris’ baby fever, they thought the best way would be to show her how difficult it would be…and it definitely worked. Susie proved to be quite hard work – but also hilarious!

8. Any party that they ever host!

The over-the-top birthday parties, numerous baby showers, and, of course, the famous Christmas Eve parties, are just a few of the extravagant events that the Kardashian clan are known for.

9. And of course, all of the family holidays!

Bora Bora, Mykonos, St. Barts, Costa Rica, Thailand, Dubai; you name it, they’ve been there!

As you can see there have been so many moments that we have been a part of as an audience which make you feel as though you’ve actually been through it with the family. In saying this, I think that the show has also been a significant influence for many watchers on raising awareness, while also educating viewers, about various more sensitive topics. One major topic being the episodes where Caitlyn informs the family about her transition to becoming a woman. The whole situation was eye opening and informative about what the process included for both Caitlyn and the family, and I believe it contributed positively to the way that people view transgender people. Not only this, but the show also gives valuable insight into the pressures and consequences of fame and how they can affect celebrities. For example, we see Kendall’s struggles with anxiety, Scott’s fight for sobriety and Kim dealing with her trauma after the Paris robbery. In the more recent series, we are also given insight into Kim’s new venture of becoming a lawyer. The show helps to give a platform to the changes she is trying to make for criminal justice reform, while educating the audience at the same time.

The Kardashians have become one of the most successful families in the world through their various passions within the fashion and beauty industry, but mainly due to their popular show. Without the show we wouldn’t have been able to experience some of their biggest life’s moments or get to know them in such a personal way, and I, for one, am grateful for it, as I’m sure many others are too. The show has been a constant rollercoaster of emotions throughout the 14 years that it has been aired and it will most definitely be missed from our screens.

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