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‘New Beginnings’ by Eloise Chamberlain

Eloise Chamberlain is a photographer based in Nottingham, UK. Last year she completed her studies of A Level Photography and is using this year to really focus on her photography, practical skills and knowledge of the art form before she carries on her studies into degree level next year. By doing this she has developed and grown just as much as her love for it. She started selling prints of her work towards the end of last year which is a huge personal achievement as it’s something she’s always wanted to do and has been working towards for a long time!

EC: “I feel I am constantly growing as an artist and photographer, experimenting with a range of different mediums and processes in order to find my style. From digital to analogue photography, and often applying physical manipulations to my images, I use photography as a way to express myself and my emotions – when I can’t put them into words, I put them into a photo. My work has acted as an outlet for me to communicate how I’m feeling, and executing new project ideas has been a constant source of motivation.”

‘New Beginnings’

Her project ‘New Beginnings’ focuses on dead flowers and decaying buildings to fit with the theme of ‘New Beginnings’. She used the cool tones from the flowers and buildings to signify that the cold and dark times are over and to communicate the idea that it is time to let go of the past and make room for new things to grow – a new beginning!

EC: “Throughout my studies I was most interested in conceptual photography and portraiture, as I found these were the best genres to communicate emotion through. However, since the first national lockdown I was forced to explore still life as I didn’t have access to models, and I became extremely interested in the connotations of  certain objects, shapes and colours and how they can make you feel depending on the way you capture them/incorporate them into a photo. Ultimately I aim for my photos to inspire something within people or help them to better understand what they’re feeling as it has done for me. I love hearing what my work means to others and different interpretations they may have. My aim for these images was for them to inspire hope, that the future will be warmer, brighter and full of growth.”

You can find more of Eloise’s work on her Instagram @eloisespix and you can browse her work from her Etsy shop at

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