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‘My Response to Change’ by Marie Bohl

Marie Bohl is a first year photography student at the University of Aberdeen. You can follow Marie’s photography journey @bedheadphotography_

When Marie thinks of change she thinks of lying on the ground watching the clouds move. It’s something you could do forever. Eventually, you begin to lose track of time, there’s nothing more serene than that, she promises. Watching the clouds drift by is to her like watching time pass by in the most real sense, it means that change is natural and there’s nothing brutal about it, it makes things seem clean and clear. Marie says “In an ideal world, I’m leaning on my favourite person lying in the grass just breathing. But she’s thousands of kilometers away and that’s part of change. It is what it is.

All images below were taken on an analogue camera (Minolta X-7A), all include a short description written by Bohl.

Taken out a car window on a car ride this summer, mushroom clouds that look like their own mountains.

Taken in Seoul, South Korea in the Summer of 2018. A good friend of mine caught clearly, but surrounded by movement.

Taken in Glasgow 2018. There’s a cemetery there that sits at the top of a hill, this statue was looking over us. I like taking pictures that show just a building or a statue and a clear sky, it feels peaceful to me and isolates what I want to.

Taken in Vienna 2019. The same eternal feeling that a focus and sky behind it has, a really glorious cathedral.

Double exposure (with the camera flipped) of Florence cityscape, taken in 2020 which is very pure to me.

My last day in Istanbul, Spring of 2019. Leaving my favorite city, the best clouds that stretched the whole Asian side of the city on my last day. The sky goes on forever in Istanbul.

Double exposure (with the camera flipped) taken on the Bosphorus river in Istanbul. A wrecked ship being brought back to the harbor, heaven reaching earth.

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