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‘My Berlin’: A Poem by Tom Veber

Tom Veber is a poet from Maribor, Slovenia who is currently touring Slovenia with his poetic monodrama Realizem je rezerviran za klovne (Realism Is Reserved for Clowns). Tom published his poetic debut; Točka preloma (Breaking Point) in March 2019. His poems have been published in a variety of journals and he participates in slam poetry gatherings. You can read more about Tom and his work here.

My Berlin

I went out again today

Me and that heavy-metal bar

Every day can be Friday if you confess to a cup of sweet red wine

Air smells of liberty

Tomorrow is the end of the world

I’m enveloped in an air of vastness.

Club next door is playing Mamas and Pappas – California Dreamin’

I am seventeen again and a world awakens inside me

I miss the father I never had

That boy that never held my hand

End of poem.

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