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  • Rosie Gogoley

Minding your Mind: COVID Friendly Self-Care

By Rosie Gogoley

Since we are slowly moving out of our third lockdown – a year after this all began – it is understandable to be in a constant state of worry about what’s going to happen next. At the very least, surviving the pandemic has taken a huge toll on productivity, plans and all-round mental health. This article has tips to help yourself cope, and see this time in a more positive light.

1. Focus on the positives

I know you might not like this because let’s be real, who wants to hear about the positives during a global pandemic! Yet amid the self-isolation, every dark cloud can have a silver lining. For me, it was the opportunity to return to masters study and develop my creative side. For you, it could be the time to reflect and take pause on your busy day-to-day routines, more time to spend with family and virtually connect with friends or simply being in good health. If you’re struggling, do something that makes you happy – whether it’s getting the music on or watching your favourite tv show!

2. Take a digital detox

Although social media is hugely important for interaction, the constant stream of information surround COVID-19 could make you unnecessarily worried. People are constantly talking about their own concerns about COVID-19, which in turn could increase your own levels of anxiety. The point is to take some time away from these platforms – whether it’s a day or longer – and it may give you a strange sense of freedom.

3. Make a list of short term goals

Graduating into your dream career or going travelling with friends may feel impossible right now, but it’s important to set smaller goals that you can look forward to achieving. The first step in setting these goals is that they are attainable and clear – whether it’s building up a morning routine, taking an online course or reducing your monthly expenses. It’s good to feel driven towards something, and will make you feel a lot more purposeful.

4. Try something new

In the first lockdown, I jumped on the ‘get fit’ bandwagon and took up running. While it was difficult at first, I’m glad I took the opportunity to do something out of my comfort zone. In our normal lives, we would never have the time to ourselves to choose a new skill, or find a hobby that we’d like to learn more about. If your stuck – have a look at online tips and suggestions to get you started! It’s never too late to give it a go.

5. Reach out to others

You may want to try and process your worries alone, but keeping your emotions at bay can only go so far. Take some time to get back in touch with friends and family in order to re-connect and catch up (virtually for now). No matter the circumstances, it’s best to reach out if you’re feeling down and drained. Remember – a problem shared is a problem halved!

6. Treat yourself

Last but certainly not least – remember to treat yourself every once in a while! We’ve all endured this past year, and it’s something we should be proud of! Order a takeaway, a new loungewear set, something that you really want.


Treating yourself doesn’t always have to be about spending – it can be taking some time off to relax, running a bath or sticking on a good film. Remember – you deserve it!

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