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Manisha Rekhi's Illustrations

Manisha Rekhi is an illustration student at Solent University. Her illustrations 'Voices of Solidarity', 'Rose Coloured Girl', 'Lady Lazarus', 'Outside Café', 'Demi Lovato doc inspiration', 'Unmasked the Truth', 'My Morning Ritual', 'Symptoms of Depression' and 'National Puppy Day' seek to raise awareness for mental health and other pressing issues such as climate change. You can check out more of Manisha's work on her Website and follow her on Instagram.

MR: "South London based illustrator, Manisha Rekhi has been developing her skills as an artist over the past few years from being inspired by nature, astronomy, and the importance of social awareness. During her last year of university, she showcased her artwork in an exhibition at Solent University by producing a range of gig posters and vinyl covers using her abilities in printmaking, painting, and Adobe Photoshop.

In the summer of 2018, she gained experience at Somerset House as a volunteer. Throughout her experience there, she communicated with other artists on the thought process behind their work and asked visitors at the museum their views on the installations. She started to become more creative with her artwork and started to produce visual animations with her vocals of song covers.

A couple of years later, Manisha participated in a course in visual effects to create compelling stories. For the project, she produced a music video of a cover of Billie Eilish’s, ‘Six Feet Under’.

What she wants to accomplish with her art is to raise awareness for the mental health and other pressing issues such as, climate change in a larger scale. Also, Manisha want to give a sense of hope through her artwork and to make sure to anyone that you are not alone especially during this difficult time. Currently, she is working as content creator for the Arts organisation, Sweet ‘Art. They support local female, people of colour, non-binary and LGBTQ+ community with a creative background. Also, she previously produced content for Voices of Solidarity’s open mic night event to help support people from Palestine."

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