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  • Alycia McNamara

Making the most of your time at University

Explore a new city

If you have moved away for university, make the most of this! Find out all the best places that you must see in your new town or city and start ticking them off your list. Most importantly, find the places that you don’t have at home, maybe an independent café or a one-off bookstore. Find those hidden gems!

Join a society

There really is something for everyone in terms of societies – are you a sporty person? Maybe you’re more the artsy type? Societies really are a great way to get out and meet people, there’s everything from film to K-pop or even politics so there’s definitely one for you!

Make new friends

University is a great time for meeting new people and making lifelong friends. You’ll find people you have things in common with, people who may even live close to you at home, or people from different countries – either way make the most of every conversation you have and every amazing person you meet.


All importantly… the reason we are all here – to study! If you’re at university, odds are you’ve chosen a course you absolutely love, so enjoy studying your favourite subject in such an exciting environment. Don’t forget about the library!

Go to careers events

While you’re a student, you might not feel ready to start thinking about the next step, but careers events are really useful and often help you think about things that might not have crossed your mind yet. Universities hold really detailed and helpful employability events including networking events and CV enhancement workshops so while you’re there definitely look into it!

See more than the inside of a club

We all love going out and making memories but don’t forget there’s more to your new student city than the inside of a club with its sticky alcohol-soaked floor… Use your weekends to have a picnic with your friends by a river or in a park when the sun is shining! Take a walk around the city and explore all the exciting new things on your doorstep.

Say yes to things

Always. Say. Yes. What harm can it do? Make the most of all the amazing opportunities you have and say yes to as many of these as possible! You never know what it could lead to!

Reach out if you need help

If you are struggling, if you aren’t having ‘the best time ever’ as many make university out to be, then don’t worry! There are others who feel the same. It’s really important to make the most out of the university health and wellbeing services – often these can be really supportive and offer counselling sessions, one to one advice and they can even help point you in the direction of other wellbeing services should you need them. Don’t be afraid to give them a call!

Study abroad

If you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone – why not take the opportunity to study abroad? This is a real once in a lifetime opportunity and university is the perfect time to make it happen! Universities have partnerships with other institutions all around the world so you could be off to anywhere! How exciting?!

HAVE FUN and make memories!

Last but not least, live in the moment and enjoy every second of your university experience as much as you can! Go out with your friends, attend those lectures, make memories, and have fun.

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