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Look to the Light: Resolutions for a hopeful 2021

Written by Anna Dugdale

I’m sure we can all agree, 2020 has not been easy; months in lockdown, not being able to see our loved ones, unclear guidance and complete changes to life as we know it. It’s been a struggle. Getting through 2020 is an achievement in itself, be proud of yourself for always picking yourself back up throughout every struggle you’ve had this year!

I doubt I’m alone when I say I’m praying for a better 2021. But with no guarantee that next year things will be normal, whatever that means anymore, I thought best to create resolutions that could be done no matter what.

  1. Practice self-care more frequently

I love the idea of self-care, putting on face and hair masks, doing your nails and generally pampering yourself is right up my street.

I know I’m guilty of letting it take the back seat when I’m stressed or tired or just can’t be bothered. But, I notice a massive difference in my mental health and confidence when I have taken the time to practice a little self-care.

Whilst physical self-care is something I definitely want to improve on, I also want to work on taking better care of myself mentally. I’m hoping to get back into reading, as a way of unplugging from my phone, job and any commitments that I have.

I’ve recognised this year that I feel better when I’m drinking more water, getting more sunlight and keeping my space clean so keeping that up through 2021 is a big goal of mine.

  1. Keep organised.

During the lockdowns, I have found it so easy to slip into being unproductive and unorganised. I wasn’t realising I had work to do until I was close to my deadlines.

I found buying a calendar and a planner helped me keep organised. I could track what tasks I had to complete, whether they were work related or errands I had to run, as well as shifts I was working or plans I had with friends.

Keeping this up through 2021 is a big goal of mine, as when I go through rough patches, being stressed or struggling mentally, I become unorganised and scatter-brained, which in turn stresses me out even more. I found that planning the night before helps, as I have a clearer head at night, rather than first thing in the morning when I’m sleepy and in need of caffeine before I can function.

  1. Learn that saying no is okay.

Being a people pleaser is a blessing and a curse. I struggle to turn down plans, shifts or events as I often have FOMO or just feel guilty saying no. But, I realise that sometimes I just need time to myself, to recharge.

I often find myself prioritising every commitment in my life before myself and this is something I intend to change.

Whether it’s a shift that I shouldn’t work because I have a deadline close, saying no to a plan I can’t really afford or not putting myself in a situation where I know I’ll feel uncomfortable or anxious, I need to learn to say no.

  1. Try new things.

I’m a huge creature of habit, guilty as charged. 90% of the time I order the same drinks, food, clothes, you name it. I order what I know I’ll like. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to branch out and try new things. Luckily for me, most of the time I do end up liking the new things.

2021 is hopefully going to be a million miles away from 2020 and trying new things is a way that I’m going to attempt to make that happen.

  1. Become better at saving.

I’d like to think that I’m not awful with money but I definitely want to get better at saving. I plan on looking into budgeting properly and opening a savings account where I can’t withdraw money as admittedly, being able to access my money whenever I want is my downfall. I’ve got plenty of things I want to save for: holidays, a house at some point, a nicer car and more financial security overall.

Whilst I plan on enjoying 2021 to the absolute fullest, I plan on cutting out the smaller, unnecessary, impulsive purchases.

  1. Spend more time being mindful.

Life is stressful and it is so easy to get wound up in living in an endless cycle of negativity. I plan on practicing mindfulness in 2021. I’m going to start small, writing three things each morning that I’m grateful for. I’ve seen plenty of mindfulness book recommendations so I plan on making my way through those, linking back to practicing mental self-care.

I also plan on researching manifestation and speaking things into existence, as well as the law of attraction. Hopefully, this will help whenever I struggle mentally especially when my, and so many others, mental health has taken a beating during such a difficult year.

All in all, I just want 2021 to be a more positive year and I believe that starts with making changes in my own life. I hope everyone’s 2021 is a million times happier than 2020. Happy New Year, and remember to be kind to yourself!

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