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'Lockdown Landscape Studies' by Julie Fitzpatrick

Julie Fitzpatrick (@_the_pencil_pot_) is an artist and current PhD student at Royal Holloway University of London. Her series 'Lockdown Landscape Studies' feature gorgeous colours, intricate patterns and a beautiful mix of media.

JF: During lockdown I have been really drawn to landscape art. I put this down to the fact that we cannot get away to explore and travel at the moment and, as a history student, I draw so much from the cultures, people, languages, art and history I see on my galavanting. So to be without that has been a challenge and a great loss. Yet, I have found joy and catharsis in painting. I have gravitated towards depicting real landscapes from my travels in a more whimsical way, as if the landscape is caught in a real but imagined space. Perhaps this is a tenuous link to theme of harmony, as real and imagined are a complete juxtaposition. However, I always strive to achieve a colour and compositional harmony and think that the play between reality and expressionism can still exude a feeling of harmony. You can follow Julie on Instagram and buy prints of her work from her Etsy store.

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