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Lockdown date ideas for long-distanced couples

Written by Millie Braund

Long distance relationships have been around long before COVID-19, but many couples are experiencing the issue for the first time with this year of on-and-off lockdowns.

After a long time of not seeing each other, it can be difficult to keep that spark alive, and planning regular (once a week) nights off for virtual dates can be a great way to still spend time ‘together’, even though you may not physically be there.

Whilst Facetime catch up calls or movie nights can be fun, here are some ideas to spice up your date nights, whether it’s during lockdown or post-COVID for long distance couples!

Themed Nights

Every week, plan a different theme for your date night and get creative! This could be anything from different countries, your favourite TV shows or even favourite celebrities.

Get dressed up, plan an inspired meal and cocktails to make together (virtually), and find the perfect tv show, movie or game to match your theme! This is a really fun way to spice up the normal movie night, and one of you can be in charge of choosing the theme each week.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a really great way to work together, especially if you’re competitive, to beat the clock and have fun at the same time! With in-person locations closed, many have become inventive and created online experiences for you to enjoy.

Most experiences require a small cost, but there are a few free options too, if you’re on a budget.

On the more basic side, this Harry Potter themed escape room requires some trivial thinking, offering a number of different styles of puzzles. Although no extensive knowledge of the movie/book series is required, it’s a great one for fans of the Wizarding World.

For a pricier experience, Escape Live is a great option. They offer 15 different escape rooms, all with different themes from Peaky Blinders to Armageddon.

There are hundreds of virtual escape rooms to choose from, it may just take a little bit of searching to find the one best for you!

Games Night

There are lots of different platforms online where you can play classic card games, such as Uno or Cards Against Humanities, or board games, too.

Get some friends together, or just play the two of you, and keep score of who’s winning all the different games – and whoever wins at the end of the night can get a prize of your choice!

There are also platforms and apps where you can video call and play games at the same time. Houseparty is the most well-known, where you can even play Fortnite together, but is another option, or even Facebook have games you can play!

Video Games

Adding on to a games night, there are hundreds of video games you can download and play for free! Playing online together brings a new sense of competitiveness, but also feels like your S/O is right there with you.

You don’t even need to have a console, as a lot of them can be played on a computer. Have a search on platforms such as Steam or Origin, and see if any games take your fancy!

Bucket Lists

Who doesn’t love making lists of the things they’re looking forward to doing or things they want to achieve?

Why not make a list together of all the things you want to do when the lockdown ends and you can see each other again? It could be as simple as go out for a dinner date and go to the movies, or more extreme like travelling to X country or going skydiving!

You could even virtually plan out a holiday together, forgetting about the money, and choose all the things you’d dream of doing!

Quiz Night

By now, we’ve probably all exhausted online quizzes, but quiz nights are a great way to have fun and keep that competitiveness, but also ways to learn more about each other, too.

Take one or a few topics each, and make a quiz for your S/O (or add a few friends) to enjoy! Why not quiz each other as to who knows more about the other, or about the relationship? Or, if you share a favourite TV show or movie, for example, make a quiz on it!

If you haven’t been doing quizzes all year, there are plenty of pre-made ones online that you could play against each other, too.

Psychic Readings

This one is more just for a bit of fun, but there are so many psychics doing online readings or drawings, for example on Etsy.

Find one and see what they have to say about your future! You can have a laugh discussing what they said with your S/O on a video call. It’s a great way to get the conversation rolling.

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