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Little Changes to Implement to Feel Like a Better You This Spring/Summer

The changing of the seasons from the dark and sombre winter into bouncy and bright spring is by far my favourite seasonal shift of the year. The lighter mornings and later nights bring with them an air of excitement, a buzz of change and anticipation. For me, the onset of spring and its blossoming of new life tends to trigger a yearning for personal change. New goals and aspirations bounce through the sleepy winter rut and often a fresh desire to be a better and glowier version of myself takes hold. Why not use this breath of fresh energy to implement little changes which make you feel at one with the colourful and full-of-life spring energy emerging? Here, I am going to let you into some of my spring recommendations, which will leave you feeling better, brighter and blossoming.

Invest in a new notebook

A new notebook holds infinite potential. It can nurture the beginnings of a novel you've been waiting to pen down, hold the secrets to your heart's desire, cradle your self-love affirmations, or hold your daily to-do lists while you proudly tick them off. If you are craving a mental spring clean, grabbing a beautiful new notebook and letting loose with your train of thought could be the perfect medicine. Etsy is host to thousands of stunning notebooks: I recommend these colourful beauties, or if you prefer a more understated vibe, this subtle yet chic style.

Leave-in conditioner

Sometimes, all we need is a little extra touch of magic to make us feel like we are really putting that effort into being a better version of ourselves. Allow me to introduce my trusty companion leave-in conditioner. The beauty of a leave-in conditioner is that it transforms a simple shower into a pamper, its scent and moisturising effects making you feel renewed, glamorous and, ultimately, superior to those who didn’t think to treat themselves to one. Let yourself put your best foot (or hair day) forward with this simple but effective trick. I recommend the Garnier No-Rinse Conditioner Range, which comes in different scents and for a diversity of hair types and needs.

Get intimate with a chatty podcast

As somebody who lives alone, I find I sometimes feel a little bit too comfortable with silence. I can go the first 3 hours of my day without making a sound or listening to a thing, and not really notice until the phone rings and my voice sounds like I’m recovering from a chesty cough. In my attempts to fill the gaps where my flatmates and their infinite chattiness and girly gossip once stood, I have grown to love chatty podcasts. A lecture-type podcast isn’t really my thing, nor does it fill the gaps where housemates used to stand. My discovery of chatty podcasts, therefore, was downright revolutionary. I pop on my chatty podcasts while I go about my business - making my morning coffee, writing my to-do list, doing my makeup - and it fills the silence non-invasively, making me feel part of a safe and nurturing morning conversation with friends. My favourite podcast for this purpose is Sephy and Wing’s Goes Without Saying. Putting on a chatty podcast like Goes Without Saying elevates my morning thoughts and ensures me that I am actively putting effort into bettering my environment.

A new perfume

With the spring/summer energy flooding in, it is only right to make room for a new scent. Changing up your perfume collection could be key to walking out of the door feeling like a new and fresh version of yourself. Nobody can deny the impact that a smell you love can have on your mood, so why not wear something that gives you that little positivity boost every time you catch a whiff? I recommend light and fruity scents for the spring/summer months, channelling the floral, colourful vibe of the season. Karl Lagerfield’s Fleur de Mûrier Eau de Parfum is my favourite in summer, with its floral and fruity notes on a sandalwood and amber base providing a classic fragrance that works day into night. At an affordable price point, there is no excuse not to treat yourself.

Feature image courtesy of via Unsplash.

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