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  • Natasha Downing

Let's Talk About the 'Infamous' Easter Egg

By Natasha Downing

It’s no secret that the excitement of opening your easter egg might be one of the best things about the big day. Whether it’s brought for you or you treated yourself to one the choices are endless, from eggs to rabbits. But where do these sweet treats come from?

What’s the meaning behind the egg? Well, the main meaning for the easter egg is to symbolise the resurrection of Jesus in Christianity. But it also has been known to symbolise spring, with the birth of lambs and the seasons changing. Easter eggs haven’t always been the sweet treats we love and know today. In around 300AD they were chicken eggs decorated in bright paints and different patterns. The chocolate treats were created by France and Germany, but it wasn’t until 1873 that they came to the UK.

With £200 million spent per year on easter eggs, they have come a long way since 1873. There is now a huge range of eggs to choose from. With shelves in supermarkets being stocked full straight after the Christmas period, it seems the preparation for the Easter season is getting earlier and earlier every year. There seems to be mixed feelings about the early stocking, with people taking to Twitter to show their love and hatred for the chocolate treats.

One Twitter user shared their excitement about the news “Why are people complaining that there are already Easter eggs in supermarkets? EASTER EGGS ROCK!”. But others are saying it's simply “too soon” to see eggs on the shelves.

The most important question, however, isn’t if it’s too early but in fact what your Favourite egg is. When the public was asked about what they would be treating themselves some said Dairy Milk and others said Lindt Lindor bunnies and eggs. The most common answer was “There are just too many to choose from, I want all of them”. So, what easter egg will you be treating yourself to this easter?

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