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'Lady Kitty Spencer and Dolce and Gabbana: A match made in wedding heaven' by Ishita S Srivastava

Ishita Srivastava is a BA International Relations graduate from Durham University. Her work primarily focuses on topics like Politics, News, Women's Issues, Interviews, Fashion and Other Arts.

IS: "My name is Ishita and I'm a Durham University graduate. I have previously worked for The Palatinate as the Chief Sub Editor and for The Bubble as their Sex, Love and Gender Editor. I also regularly wrote pieces for both the newspaper and magazine while also managing teams associated with both these roles. I specialise in Politics, News, Women's Issues, Interviews, Fashion and Other Arts. I was inspired to write this piece because of how intricately the brand had brought Kitty's style , her aristocratic roots and modern day trends together displaying that art is ever-evolving."

'Lady Kitty Spencer and Dolce and Gabbana: A match made in wedding heaven'

In what has been a turbulent year for the wedding industry, Dolce and Gabbana’s latest Ambassador, Lady Kitty Spencer’s wedding has given the world its much needed dose of wedding inspiration. With her five Alta Moda gowns, Kitty Spencer has elevated the multiple wedding dresses trend with great style and sensation. As confirmed by the Italian fashion house on its Instagram, “Kitty Spencer chose to wear Dolce & Gabbana on the most important day of her life,” the Italian fashion house confirmed yesterday on Instagram. For this unique event, [Dolce & Gabbana] created a number of exclusive hand-made gowns, each celebrating the beauty of the bride.” Kitty Spencer’s style has been known to effortlessly combine outré elegance and Baroque brilliance which perfectly aligned with regal riffs and royal grandeur that are deeply embedded in the house’s DNA.

Starting with a Victorian era inspired white lace gown with a high neckline, puffed shoulders and full-length sleeves, she descended at the Villa Aldobrandini, Rome for the wedding ceremony. The ostentatiously elegant and stylish gown took multiple seamstresses, painters and artisans and about six months to come to life. Channeling her inner Grace Kelly, it took Spencer four fittings and numerous emotional moments to have this work of art perfectly made. As said by the duo designers,'One of the inspirations is definitely her love for Italy. Kitty is in love with our beautiful country and its rich history, art and culture, but she is also a girl who is very attached to her origins, to England; to her heritage of the great Victorian era. And like all the English people, she has a great passion for all kinds of flowers,’

Throughout her weekend wedding, Kitty Spencer’s love for flowers was channelled through her dresses by the designer duo. For Friday, the bride wore a baby-blue tulle gown along with a cape embroidered with flowers. She also added in a playful pink flower in her hair. Post her wedding ceremony on Saturday, Spencer switched from her Victorian era inspired gown to an off-the-shoulder, white, hand-painted silk gown embellished with roses and later in the night donned a gold and silver beaded outfit to dance in. On the last day, she sported a Mikado silk gown adorned with applique flowers and double duchesse ribbons. Even though she chose not to wear the Spencer tiara, Kitty still included nods to her incredibly chic and trendsetting lineage of societal style icons.

Lady Kitty Spencer married 62-year-old South African-born Michael Lewis who is the owner of multiple high-end retail brands. It is reported that fellow aristocratic sisters, Lady Amelia and Eliza were in attendance as well as celebrities such as Sabrina Dhowre Elba, Idris Elba and Pixie Lott. Those in hopes of seeing another Spencer sister channeling the family’s impeccable style are in luck as Lady Amelia Spencer is engaged to her Greg Mallet since last July and hopefully will be marrying soon.

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