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Key foods you should keep in your cupboard

Moving out of home, and into our own spaces is all full of first times. The first time we may have to do a food shop, or even the first time we've been without the luxury of having home cooked meals without having to actually, cook the meal.

It may also be the first time having the freedom and reign that you have; being able to go out clubbing whenever you like, and get as many takeaways without judgement as your heart desires.

It's all fun, but eventually having noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner will lose it's novelty, and you may crave something more substantial.

Rice / Pasta / Potatos

Your carbohydrate source! These foods, despite what you may think, are quick and easy to prepare and cook. You won't be wasting too much time out of your day to throw on a plate of pasta. These are all very versatile, and take little effort to cook.

Chicken / Fish / Eggs

These are your core protein sources, which you may especially need if you are constantly on the go. Depending on how you cook your proteins, they can be quite healthy, yet tasty!


Maybe in your new chapter in life you’ll become aware that breakfast is an important meal, and though you really might not be in the mood for it first thing in the morning, you’ll be thankful for it come 11 or 12 o’clock after a couple of classes with scarce breaks!

Apples / Bananas (Fruits)

An ideal snack for on the go (perhaps second to your good ole’ friend, coffee, but that’s for another point!). Not only are fruits so healthy, and make you feel a little bit better about yourself, but fruits such as apples and pears contain fibre which fills you for longer than a chocolate bar!

Frozen Veg

From broccoli and cauliflower to mixed frozen peppers the choice is so broad! Not only are you getting one of your 5 a day with a side of veg on your plate during your dinner, but these are very cheap in Aldi and Lidl, last ages and frozen veg is so easy to manage. The bonus is that there is rarely any waste alike fresh veg.

Tea / Coffee

It’s no secret that the typical student day is filled with mountains and mountains of coffee- it’s just a bare necessity, so a big jar of coffee in your cupboard, readily available for those nights you’ll be up until all hours banging out that 2000 word assignment that is due for 9am the next morning or those mornings you really feel like you’ll never tear yourself away from bed after that mad night out- coffee pretty much equivalates to a student’s best friend!

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