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"It’s hard living with my parents in my 20s- Help!"

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Q) I’m now in my 20s and living at home. How do I have space from my parents and not feel like a teen under their thumb?

A) Finish University, get a good career, move out into your own pad – we all assume it happens that way, but what you don’t see is the hard work in between and the years of living with your parents to get up to that stage. This is coming from the agony aunt who is still living at home in their 20s, so trust me I can relate. It's not just us; the majority of students live at home after university and even more so now as we sit at the forefront of the pandemic’s job recession.

It’s entirely normal to feel the way that you do, considering we're all the age where we want to explore and expand our horizons, so why would we want to be stuck at home?! If you’ve ever seen the TikTok memes hashtagged ‘living at home in your 20s’, you’ll know that sneaking to the kitchen when your parents are out or hiding your purchases from your parents are just some of the many antics of living at home.

Regardless of how much you love your family, that doesn’t mean your invincible from the family squabbles- especially during lockdown when there's nothing much to do and the parents are working from home. Make it clear to your family that you need your own space and set boundaries that respect your own space as well as theirs. Take time for yourself. Run a bubble bath, watch Netflix, call friends- anything that can give you the ‘me time’ you desire. Recognise that your family might not be having the time of their life while your back at home either. According to the search history on our family YouTube channel, my mum actually searched 'how to live at home with adult kids', so clearly it's not as one-sided as we like to think.

One thing to be mindful of is that it’s an experience that will probably not happen again (fingers crossed), so try to make the most out of the situation. You probably won't want to be living at home for the rest of your time, so embrace the family all being under the same roof while you can (no matter how annoying they might be).

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