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Introducing Creative Collections

Written by Megan Shepherd

Illustration by Ellen Stanton

I’m Meg and as editor of Creative Collections I’m super excited to share a bit of information about the section, what we’re looking for and how to get involved. Unlike the other sections of the magazine, Creative Collections gives you the opportunity to showcase your own personal works of art, offering a platform for students to view and engage with creative pieces.

Often as young creatives, we struggle to find a place to present our work, particularly outside of traditional student-run media. Therefore, the main goals of the section are to champion creativity by offering a place in which it can thrive, to offer insight and inspiration, and to connect, collaborate, and support this generation of creatives. As we’ve seen recently, creativity keeps us going – whatever form it takes and as such the creative industries are vital to culture, communication, and a shared sense of being. It’s a daunting and confusing time to be a creative and I hope that the section will offer some much-needed support, guidance, and sense of togetherness.

As the section takes off, we will be releasing a theme for each month which we will be asking creatives to respond to. This can take any form such as a creative writing piece, illustration, art or photography. Pieces that best suit the theme or compliment other submissions will be published on our website. We are looking for contributors from all creative disciplines as well as from all levels of experience – whether you’re a budding poet, a master photographer or a beginner painter, we want to see your work! Furthermore, each month we will also be posting an article centred around the industry such as an interview with a recent graduate, advice from an industry expert, meditations from current students and other resources to help create a network of support. Contributors for these pieces may also be up for grabs in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled.

Overall, I hope for the section to not only be a place for sharing and appreciating work but also for it become a space for a network or ‘collective’ of individuals to have their voices and ideas heard. Ultimately, it’s my mission to enable an open and diverse community collectively creating. I look forward to seeing all your work!

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