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Industry Insight: Alice Pelati, Fashion Stylist & Founder of Alis 1996

Alice Pelati, Founder of Alis 1996

For this week's Industry Insight, we had the pleasure of speaking to Alice Pelati, a fashion stylist currently based in London, about founding 'Alis 1996', a platform dedicated to showcasing sustainable fashion and beauty brands. Alice offers advice to young creatives looking to enter the fashion industry.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am an Italian fashion stylist, and grew up between the North of Italy and the South coast of France. Raised in a family of artisans, I observed my mother managing her atelier of historical costumes since I was a baby. I have felt the fashion industry since the beginning. I started to collect fashion magazines at the age of ten and started to sew with industrial machines at twelve. At fifteen I approached the web creating my first fashion blog " Alice's fashion dream" (is funny thinking about these memories), and started to write articles for a small italian magazine. Later on, I studied and graduated in fashion design at IED in Turin where I won the final prize for my thesis project "FLYLIGHT''. Two weeks later I was in London, building my independence and my future. In this city I pursued my career working in fashion retail as a commercial and as a stylist in my free time, gaining many publications on magazines like Flanelle, IMute, Kaltblut and more. Last year during the lockdown I founded Alis 1996, an independent platform dedicated to showcase emerging and small fashion brands. We support slow fashion and ethical beauty. Today we have ten different designers that joined the website but we are looking forward to expanding our network. How did you get to the point you are at now? Hard work, determination and I always say that a 10% of luck has been with me. My nature always leads me to want more. As soon as I achieve a goal, I never give the time to myself to enjoy the victory, but I always look straight to what is next.

Can you tell us about a role model who has inspired you?

Honestly, I never really had in my life a specific person that inspires me. My life has changed so many times, through places where I have lived and friendships that have begun and ended, that my inspiration came mostly from what surrounded me, in that specific moment. For sure my mother gave me the determination and the sense of responsibility that always made me more mature than other people at my age. Right now, one of my sources of inspiration and the person that motivates me the most is my boyfriend Lewis. He is creative too in the music industry and except for our love story, and the passions we share he represents a true motivation for me, he always pushes me to do better, especially professionally.

When you were a child, what career did you see yourself having?

All right, this will sound very ambitious, but is what I was truly thinking at a young age when people were asking me the usual question "What would you like to be in the future? " Well, my answer was : "Become the new Anna Wintour". I was dreaming of working in one of those skyscrapers in New York City, especially during my Gossip Girl period. Of course when you grow up, reality hits you and stops your dreams, because it is harder than you expected .

What are you most proud of doing? What do you consider your biggest achievement to date? I'm not the kind of person who likes to praise myself, but nowadays what wakes me up everyday and makes me proud is Alis 1996. Even though I know that I'm still at the beginning of the project, I am investing most of my energy everyday to move forward and make the platform bigger. My biggest achievement in life, instead, is my university journey and the final prize I won from the company that sponsored our thesis. One of the most beautiful memories in my life. What do you hope to achieve over the next year? What are you most looking forward to? I do have an infinity list of things I want to realize soon. Most important of all is to go back to socializing with people. The thing I loved the most about London was how easily people met and socialized with one another, which is totally different from Italy. So one of the first goals is to meet new friends and creative people that can inspire my journey, as, unfortunately most of the people I knew left the Uk due to the Covid situation. Then I am looking forward to growing with Alis 1996, register officially the brand name and increasing the attention of the media and visitors on it.

Favourite cultural product at the moment? Few months ago I became hooked on a documentary on Netflix called "Hip hop evolution" by Shad K, which was very interesting. It opened my eyes to how long Hip Hop has influenced the fashion industry since its birth in the 80's. Musically, the last single of Lewisland - "Cali eyes'', including the music video In which I worked as a stylist and the "Free form" playlist on Spotify, which I always listen to. Of course in the fashion industry Area and Cult Gaia and many small brands as Elude Studio, Aurum.Ldn, Pelle basics, Cielo Studio, to nominate just a few. Regarding photography I love Justin French. What do you think is the biggest issue today facing women in the creative industries? I believe that one of the biggest issues women are facing today, not only in the creative industry, is that most of the people think that after having children leads to a career downfall. I do not have any children at the moment, but I do not see being a mother as an obstacle for my career. And this fact has to be normalized in society and in every industry. I know that most women are so strong and organized to be able to manage both tasks. I also believe that the height of a great career can be made in your 50s when you have acquired enough experience and wisdom.

What is the most important message you want to send out to young female-identifying creatives thinking about their careers? Any resources you’ve found useful? Never forget who you are and believe in your passion. Be curious and try to learn and study as much as possible. Some useful resources where to find collaborations and jobs in the creative industry are,, and Kavyar. Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram at @alis199six and @alispelati (personal profile). My website is .

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