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  • Chloe Bayliss

In The Nick of Time: Say Hello to Better and Brighter Days.

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

By Chloe Bayliss

If we thought this year wasn't going quick enough, it's April already and we can now welcome brighter and longer days. Imagine this- sunlight peaks through your curtains, creating splotches of light on the carpet. When pulling the curtains open, you have to blink back the brightness as your eyes gradually adjust to the vibrancy of colour before you. Trees are lush with leaves, the ground rich with flowers. You open the window and embrace the morning breeze that brushes against your skin as you take in that first deep gulp of fresh air.

It's the image of a positive morning. The moment the day has the most potential when your motivation is at its peak. However, it's a simple psychological association to compare cold, dark weather to negativity and bleakness, whilst warmer, bright days depict positivity. Any fiction writer could tell you how they use pathetic fallacy to create the tone of their story, yet our brain takes the same approach when setting the tone of your mood for the day.

It is key to embody this feeling into our everyday lives, especially with the rise of online school and working from home. As a University student, I have had to adapt to doing all of my classes online and living in my hometown instead of on-campus. Taking the time to breathe and appreciate the world around me creates a positive set up for the day ahead, which is a lot easier to do when the weather is better and brighter.

As the country comes out of lockdown, we have a reasonable belief that life is starting to improve for the better. The daily walks will be more inviting and enjoyable, and we will be able to spend more time outside without worrying about the cold. In no time at all, the people of Britain will be complaining about how the weather is 'too hot'. Fighting the pandemic becomes a little bit easier and bearable when the world around us is beautiful to live in and reminds us of why we fight.

It's difficult to maintain positivity and productivity sometimes, but using the season's gifts to your advantage can benefit hugely instead of falling into toxic, positive productivity. Life is not a filtered Instagram page, so take breaks and be realistic. If you are working from home during this pandemic, know that better days are coming -brighter, warmer, hopeful days which are bursting with colourful potential and promise.

I have recently watched YouTube videos that focus on how to romanticise your life, live like you're the main character, slow down and find joy in the small things, and appreciate each moment life gives you. Channels such as Darling Desi and The Cottage Fairy focus on strong and independent women who live simple lives, learning and exploring to grow as creative people.

How to Embrace Spring's Brighter Days:

  1. Look out the window each morning and notice all the little details

  2. Go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air

  3. Notice the feeling of air on your skin, the softness of grass between your fingers, the beating heat of the sun on your face

  4. Read a book- inside or outside

  5. Listen to relaxing music

  6. Take pictures of the world around you

  7. Focus on the texture and flavour of the food you eat

  8. Try new flavours of tea and/or coffee

  9. Write poetry or stories - express yourself in words

  10. Get lots of sleep

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